Minutes of the Governing Board of the UUFL

October, 14, 2018


  1. Call to Order:

    The meeting was called to order at 9:07 a.m., Sunday, October 14, 2018 by Huey Mitchell, President. Other Board Members present were Carol West, Vice President, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huacuja and Tina Rushing, Members-at-Large. Absent from the Board Meeting was Marolen Mitchell, Treasurer.  A quorum of the Governing Board was present and established.


  1. Board Covenant:

    The Board Covenant was recited by all Members of the Governing Board.


III.    Non-Board Members Present and wishing to address the Board, on non agenda items.

    Non Board Members present were Tammy Kallmeyer and Alex Perez. Alex announced that she would like to become a member of the UUFL. She also  presented her ideas for a Child Care RE Program for Board approval. She requested to be a member of the RE Committee. The Board Members present were very enthusiastic about the ideas presented and wholeheartedly supported her intention to add this to her Sunday morning care of the children.

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  1. Enter into Closed Session to discuss filling the open Board Member Position.

    The open meeting closed and non-Board members present left the Board room. The Closed Meeting was called to order at 9:16 a.m. All Board Members listed above were present.  Discussion began led by Huey to fill the vacant Member-at-Large position (vacant since September 9, 2018). It was suggested that Tammy be considered for the position.

  1. Adjourn from Closed session and reconvene into Open session.

The Board adjourned at 9:17 a.m.from Closed session and  entered back into Open Session. Tammy was invited back into the Board room.

  1. Take necessary action on Closed Session item.

    Tammy was asked and agreed to the appointment to the Board as Member-at-Large. A motion was made by Huey and seconded by Tina that Tammy Kallmeyer be appointed to the Board. The vote was 5 in favor of and 0 opposed. Motion carried unanimously. All Board Members welcomed Tammy to the Governing Board.

VII.    Acceptance of Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to Board prior to meeting).

  1. Minutes of previous meeting on September 9, 2018 and of Special Called Meeting on September 30, 2018. Sandra
  2. Worship Committee Report – Carol.

Discussion ensued with regard to UUTyler; how we differ and our commonality. Tammy suggested that we look into “how we retain our members”. Carol will pursue this as are all Board Members encouraged to do so.

  1. Building & Grounds report. Madonna.

Madonna presented the need for wider seats to accommodate those of size and of disability. It was suggested that we consider “benches” rather than seats due to 1) matching current seats and 2) a bench would accommodate more persons. Madonna will get descriptions and bids. Additionally, a panic button for podium.

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Madonna presented the Board with an update on the cleaning of the buildings by the East Texas Charter School students. She stated there were nine students in addition to the teacher and herself at work.

A motion was made that the cleaning of the UUFL by the East Texas Charter School students and teacher be discontinued as of the end of the year. Sandra made the motion and it was seconded by Tina. The vote was 6 yes and 0 no. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. PR Committee Report. Tina.  The Board agreed that the Committee                  consisting of Tina, Madonna and Tammy decide on the saying and the time of change for the sign out front of the UUFL.
  2.  Report on status of weekly Friday night activities. Greg. Huey reported that Greg had expressed that due to his busy schedule with school, he could not participate/organize Friday night activities. The Board agreed that this could be addressed by the incoming Board in January 2019.
  3. Financial Report. Marolen. Though absent, Marolen submitted her report via email prior to the Board meeting. Huey will talk with Tammy with regard to financial status (all three Members of the Board are on the Financial Committee).
  4.    Interfaith Council update. Marolen. It was decided by the Board to dismiss participation in this Council. This could be taken up, if wanted, by the incoming Board of 2019.
  5.     RE proposal update. Marolen (on hold). (See Alex’s presentation above under III.
  6. Nominating Committee report. Carol. The Committee consists of Carol, Chair; Barbara Cavin, and Steve Hutson. They are working on a slate of nominees to the Governing Board of 2019. A deadline of October 28, 2018 for such a slate was set and was to be presented to Huey for presentation to the ACBM in November.
  7. NTUUC Report. Tracy. Due to her absence, report is on hold.

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  1. Arts & Crafts Report. Carol. It has been decided by the attendees of the Arts and Crafts group to put this on hold due to the Holidays until after January 2019.

A motion was made by Sandra and seconded by Tina to accept the Consent Agenda as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

VIII.    Review and discuss as necessary Monthly Mail. Sandra

    Sandra stated that there was no mail requiring discussion.

  1. Review last month’s action items. Board.

    The Recap from last month’s minutes was read by Sandra. Huey stressed that all Board Members refer to and act upon this item in each month’s minutes.

  1. Discuss and take action on current Member list. Board.

    Sandra presented each Board Member with a current member list of the UUFL. She stated it had been brought up to date with UU.org adding the latest new members. Furthermore, the Board Member listing with UU.org had been updated to reflect a resignation by Tom Mitchell. She will add Tammy Kallmeyer to the list of Current Board Members.

The list was reviewed with regard to  the upcoming ACBM of eligible voting members. No action is necessary and the current list reflects eligible voting members for the November ACBM.

  1. Discuss and take necessary action on 2019 Proposed Budget. Board.

    No action necessary as it was reviewed and approved in the September 30, 2018 Special Called Meeting for that purpose. See Minutes for that date.

XII.    Discuss and take action on proposed change to UUFL Bylaws. Sandra.

    The proposed Bylaw revision was read by Sandra. There was discussion and it was agreed that it was acceptable with the omission of the parenthetical part. A motion to accept with the noted change was made by Madonna and


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seconded by Tina. The motion carried unanimously.  (See a copy of the accepted Revision to the ByLaws attached to these Minutes).

XIII.    Discuss possibility of New Member orientation. Huey.

It was decided by the Board that a new member orientation would be organized. Tina and Tammy agreed to organize and present an orientation for New Members.

XIV.    Discuss and take action on December speaker fee. Carol.

Dr. Brent Beal, scheduled to speak at the UUFL in December, has requested that any monies due him for reimbursement of travel be given to a charity/person in need of our choosing. It was decided that $50 be given to Susan Crane, who is recovering in a Rehabilitation after surgery and will undergo another one or two.

  1. Discuss and set date for the UUFL ACBM. Board.

    After discussion, it was agreed to hold the November Board Meeting on November 4, 2018 and that the ACBM would be held on November 11, 2018. All items to be placed on the Agenda for the ACBM need to be submitted to Huey no later than October 28,, 2018 in order to send them to the Members of the UUFL prior to the  two weeks prescribed by the Bylaws.

XVI.    Discuss possibility of making exception to Bylaws concerning Board Eligibility. Carol.

    Carol requested making an exception to the Bylaws with respect to the one year membership in the UUFL being a requirement for nomination to the slate of candidates for Board membership. It was agreed that no exception be made.

XVII.    Discussion of UU Introduction Video. Huey.

    All members agreed that the video is a good one. Perhaps it could be rotated with another. However, it was also agreed that “ring the Bell” and an announcement by the Lay Leader that the service is about to commence precede the video to reduce noise and appropriately enter into the Worship Service.

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XVIII. Recap and sign all necessary documents.

    All Board Members:  Consider ideas on how to best retain membership in the UUFL

Huey:     Put on the agenda for November 4, 2018:

1)    How to retain membership ideas

2)    wider seats/bench

3)    panic button

4)    Alex Perez to join UUFL


1)    New Member packet for Alex Perez

2)    Send Sept 9 & 30 Minutes to Tina for inclusion on Website

3)    Give Tina and Tammy the New Member Booklet & Folder



1)    RE program update. Alex might be good on Committee.

2)    Make sure Huey has copy of Proposed Budget 2019 by 10/18


1)    Incorporate kids into the service via music prior to speaker.

2)    Membership attraction & retention (talk w/Tracy re: NTUUC)

3)    Work w/Nominating Committee for slate of members to Board

Submit to Huey by 10/18

4)    Speakers for vacant slots


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1)    Wider seats/bench information and quotes

2)     Panic button


1)     Post Minutes when sent by Sandra to Website

2)    Committee decision on sign

3)    New Member orientation (once given info by Sandra)

4)     Work w/worship on ring bell & lay leader for video


XIX.    Motion to Adjourn.

    A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Madonna and seconded by Tina. Motion to adjourn carried unanimously and meeting was adjourned at 10:54 a.m.


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