Minutes of the Annual Congregation Business Meeting

Of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

November 11, 2018

  1. Call to Order:

The ACBM was called to order by President Huey Mitchell at 12:24 p.m. Governing Board Members present were: Huey Mitchell, President, Carol West, Vice President, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huajuca, Tammy Kallmeyer, and Tina Rushing, Members at Large.

UUFL Members present were: Barbara Cavin, Steve Hutson, Jerry King, Sherry Kircus, Barbara McDaniel, Sky Mitchell, and Lisa Sanders.

There were a total of thirteen (13) members present for the meeting. A quorum was established.

  1. Review Minutes (Sandra)
  2. November 4, 2018 Governing Board Meeting. Sandra had sent out the

minutes to all members via email prior to the ACBM meeting. She asked were there any questions regarding the minutes. There were none. b. November 19, 2017 Annual Congregation Business Meeting (ACBM).

These minutes had been sent to all members via email prior to the meeting. Sandra asked if there were any questions regarding these minutes. There were none.

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A motion was made by Tina Rushing and seconded by Lisa Sanders that the minutes be accepted as presented. The vote was 13 yay and 0 nay.

III. Review 2018 Financial Report. (Huey)

  1. January 1, 2018 – October 31, 2018/

In Marolen Mitchell’s absence (UUFL Treasurer), Huey gave a summary of the financials of the UUFL via projection screen. He pointed out that of the ten months of income and expenses presented, only one month showed the UUFL operating in the black. The total amount short for the year 2018-to-date was $8297.

There was a question from the floor: Has the 2018 Donations decreased over 2017? He explained the reason for this shortage over 2017 is a decrease in donations. Expenses were very close to the 2018 Budgeted amount. The decrease in donations is in part due to loss of members who were large contributors. We have five new members but they are recent to our Fellowship.

  1. Current Status of UUFL Investments.

Huey presented the Investments of the UUFL. There were no questions from the floor regarding the investments.

Motion was made by Sandra and seconded by Tammy to accept the Financials of the UUFL as presented. The vote was 13 Yea and 0 Nay. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Submit Proposed Budgets for 2019. (Huey)

Acting on behalf of the Treasurer, Huey presented the Operating Budget for 2019. In summary, the 2019 Budget is an increase of $2981 over the 2018 Budget. Huey asked if there were any questions from the floor and there were none.

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A motion was made by Sherry and seconded by Lisa to accept the 2019 Budget. The motion carried unanimously with a 13 yea to 0 nay vote.

  1. Slate of Officers of the Governing Board for 2019. (Carol, Chair of the Nominating Committee).

The Following Slate of Officers was presented by Carol:

President Madonna Huajuca

Vice President Carol West

Treasurer Tammy Kallmeyer

Secretary Barbara Cavin (Interim)

Members at Large Sandra McNeely

Tina Rushing

Lisa Sanders

A motion was made by Barbara Cavin and seconded by Tina Rushing that the Slate of Officers be approved. Motion carried unanimously 13 yea and 0 nay.

  1. Proposed Revision to the UUFL Bylaws re: term limits of Board Members. (Sandra)

The proposed revision to the UUFL Bylaws was sent prior to the meeting by Sandra to all members of the UUFL ACBM. She asked if there were any questions. The question “why change the term to two years” was asked from the floor. The explanation given was that it a) creates continuity and b) gives a new member to the Board time to learn.

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A motion to accept the Proposed Revision to the UUFL Bylaws was made by Madonna and seconded by Sherry. Motion carried with 13 yea votes and 0 nay votes.

VII. Tabulation of the Ballots.

The Ballot containing the Slate of Officers and the Proposals (see attached Ballot) had been passed out by Sandra during Call to Order. The Ballots were collected by Sandra and Barbara C. and tabulated.

Results: There were three absentee ballots and eleven ballots from members present for a total of fourteen (14) ballots. One attending member abstained. One attending member had voted absentee.

  1. Nominees for 2019 carried by 14 votes. II. Proposals:
  2. Revision to the UUFL Bylaws B. Operating Budget for 2019 C. 2018 YTD Financial Statement.

The vote in favor of I and II above was unanimous with fourteen votes in favor. The above Slate of Officers and Proposals were passed. Results were announced.

VIII. Adjourn.

A motion was made to adjourn was made by Tina and seconded by Carol. Motion to adjourn carried unanimously. The 2018 ACBM was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

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