June 10, 2018


  1. Call to Order:

    The meeting was called to order at 12:55 p.m., Sunday, June 10, 2018 by Huey Mitchell, President. Other Board Members participating in the meeting were Carol West, Vice-President, Marolen Mitchell, Treasurer, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huacuja, Tom Mitchell and Tina Rushing, Members-at-Large. A quorum of the Governing Board was established.


  1. Board Covenant:

    The Board Covenant was read by all Members of the Governing Board.


III.    Non-Board Members wishing to address the Board, on non-agenda items.

    Greg Marshall addressed the Board requesting that the Board set goals for the UUFL. Huey assured him that this would be on the agenda for the July meeting.


  1. Acceptance of Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to board prior to meeting)
  2. Minutes of the Board Meeting of May 13, 2018 as submitted by Sandra.
  3. Worship Committee Report as submitted by Carol.
  4. Building & Grounds Report: Madonna stated that the cost of sign not covered by the B&G budget was $1200 and asked that a check in that amount be issued so that she could proceed with ordering the sign.
  5. PR Committee Report: Tina stated that the annual cost for the uufLongview.org website domain would be $15/year coming out of the PR budget. The demo of the website will be presented later in the meeting.
  6. Financial Report: Marolen will provide a more detailed report after receiving this quarter’s postings. Marolen stated that we have been operating in the “red” for the last five months due to low donations. Tom suggested that we have a “bar graph” which would take into account any “one time” out-of-pocket expenses, such as insurance, and any donations that are made in a manner other than weekly/monthly contributions. A Bar Graph would more accurately show the financial status at any given time of the UUFL. Marolen and Tom agreed to work on this before next Board meeting.


A motion was made by Sandra and seconded by Tom to accept the reports as presented  with the comments as made. Motion to accept was passed unanimously.


  1. 2018 Budget:

    Huey wanted to make a distinction in the funds of the UUFL.  There is the 2018 Operating Budget which was approved at the ACBM in November 2017. This budget is based on expenses and income to operate the UUFL on a regular basis. There is the Contingency Fund of $100,000 which earns interest. The interest generated by this fund is not to be confused with the fund itself. The fund itself is a “reserve”, “a rainy day fund”, a “safety net”; i.e. a Contingency Fund for emergencies. The $100,000 is not to be used for operating expenses.


  1. R.E. Committee update.

    Marolen stated that the Committee met the morning of June 10 (today) and that she will write a report of that meeting and submit it via email to the Board upon completion. She requested it be on next month’s agenda.


VII.    Status of 2018 Policies & Procedures Manual.

    Tom passed out copies of his suggestions for a “Table of Contents” of a P&P Manual. (These along with his P&P suggestions to date were also sent prior to the meeting via email.) He requested that the Board consider these and that this item be on next month’s agenda.

Tom requested the Secretary provide him with the dates that P&P’s are approved by the Board. Sandra agreed to review the minutes and provide Tom with dates of those P&P already approved by the Board.


VIII.    Memorial Board Policy.

    A motion was made by Sandra and seconded by Madonna to approve the policy written and submitted by Tom regarding the placement of photos on the Memorial Wall. (A copy of the policy is attached to the Minutes). The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Special Collection Policy.

Tom submitted a policy to be considered by the Board and voted upon next meeting. This will be an agenda item on next month’s Board Meeting.


  1. Review the responsibilities of the Governing Board.

    Huey made the suggestion that all Board Members familiarize themselves from time to time with the Bylaws that govern the UUFL and its Governing Board.

The question of “emergency” meetings of the Board was presented.  Could a “Special Online Board Meeting” be held? And by what method? Email, or perhaps some other form of electronic communication could be used. This is an agenda item for next month’s meeting.


  1. Webpage Demonstration.

    The Board adjourned to the sanctuary/auditorium for a demonstration of the website by Tina with assistance at the AV station by Madonna. Several suggestions/comments were made by various Board Members. Tina will make suggested changes and will present these changes to be viewed by members via email.


XII.    Sign official documents as required.

    Huey, Sandra and Marolen returned to the Board meeting room for signing of documents submitted for proper signatures.


XIII. Recap:


All Board Members:

Read the Bylaws

Consider goals for the UUFL

Review the webpage uufLongview.org

Consider electronic means to communicate for Special/Emergency


Huey:     Add items to Agenda for next month’s meeting as follows:

Greg’s request that the Board set goals.

Electronic communication for special/emergency meetings

P&P including the Special Collection Policy.


Carol:        Continue with setting up programs for Sunday services


Sandra:    Minutes of June 10 meeting

Send dates to Tom of approved P&P to date


Marolen:    RE report

Financial report with latest postings included

Bar graph with assistance from Tom


Madonna:    Order sign

Pest control


Tina:        make changes to webpage and present to members via email for



Tom:        Continue work on P&P

Assist Marolen with Bar Graph for Finances of UUFL


XIV.    Adjourn by acclamation from Huey with all in agreement at 3:00 p.m.

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Approved by:  ____________________________