Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview


Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting


February 11, 2018


  1. Call to Order


    The Governing Board Meeting was called to order by Huey Mitchell, President at 12:15 p.m. Other Governing Board Members present were Carol West (Vice President), Marolen Mitchell (Treasurer), Sandra McNeely (Secretary),

Madonna Huacuja, Tom Mitchell, and Tina Rushing (Members at Large)


Non-Board Members present were Tammy Kallmeyer and Steve Hutson.


  1. Board Covenant


    Covenant was recited by all Board Members.


III.    Non-Board Members Addressing the Board on non-agenda items:


Tammy asked if UUFL has a Membership Committee.  The Growth Committee would be the committee handling new membership. Huey will talk with Greg Marshall, who is in charge of that Committee, and will get back with Tammy. Volunteering to assist is much appreciated.


  1. Acceptance of Consent Agenda:


  1. Minutes of Board Meeting were approved as submitted by Sandra McNeely for the January 14, 2018 meeting. Motion to accept was made by Tom and seconded by Tina. Vote to approve carried unanimously.


  1. January Financial Report was presented by Marolen. The interest for Feb. on the BTH account was not included prior to printing the report. Marolen will submit final report for signature at the next Board Meeting. A motion to approve the report noting that interest will be added was  made by Sandra and seconded by Tom and passed unanimously.


  1. Worship Committee Report was presented by Carol. A motion was made to accept by Sandra and seconded by Tina. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Building & Grounds Report. There was no report by Madonna.


  1. Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Marolen will contact Wells Fargo for statement prior to meeting.


  1. PR Report: Tina will be responsible for the UUFL WebPage. She will contact and make recommendations before the next meeting for a web host. Sky Mitchell will continue to do the weekly Announcements via email for now.


  1. Ad Hoc Decorating Committee. No action. In process of being formed by Carol.


  1. Discuss results of 2017 Financial Audit Review.


    Tom presented the Review submitted and signed by the Audit Committee consisting of Tom Mitchell, Tammy Kallmeyer, and Sandra McNeely. (A copy of the Audit Review is attached). Motion to accept was made by Marolen and seconded by Tina. Motion carried unanimously.




  1. Review proposed P & P Drafts submitted by Tom Mitchell.


Tom presented for review two P&P draft statements. He suggested that in the future the Board Members preview and comment upon these drafts prior to Board Meeting. No action was taken.


VII.    Discuss and take action on current UUFL member list.


    The Membership list  was reviewed and appropriate action will be taken to contact non-participating members asking for their desired status.


VIII.    Status of Child Care issues:


Sandra agreed to help Alex with the care of the children in the RE Building next Sunday, February 18, 2018. Marolen will continue addressing these issues.


  1. Discuss and take actions on Opening & Closing procedures.


    The Building and Grounds Committee chaired by Madonna will make a new and detailed list of duties to be performed by the person opening and closing.


  1. Discuss and take actions on the continuing issues with Sunday services.

    Tina, Madonna and Steve will alternate the operation of the A/V system on Sundays. Tina and Madonna offered to teach anyone wishing to learn to operate the A/V system.


  1. Discuss attendance at the “active shooter workshop on 2/22. No interest in attending the workshop was shown.


XII.    Concerns raised by Non-Board Members from January 14 meeting.


  1. Steve Hutson – The Worship Committee will incorporate a two minute informational film about UU after the ringing of the chimes and prior to the Service.
  2. Susan Crane – Tina will talk to Susan about the art projects which Susan submitted prior to the meeting, to get more information.
  3. Greg Marshall – Child care issues are being discussed and planned by Marolen.


  1. UUFL Historian


    The position of Historian is still open.


XVI.  Donation of the stage rug.


    A motion was made by Tom and seconded by Sandra to donate the rug. Motion carried unanimously.


XVII    Discuss social media communications distribution process. (see X above).


XVIII.    Recap


All Board Members:  List of things to do prior to the next month’s Board Meeting.

Communicate via email to keep Board informed.

Submit any necessary reports via email to Board.

Read any reports or drafts and make any comments.

Look at the minutes from prior meeting for recap items.



Huey:            Talk with Greg re: Growth Committee and Tammy’s

offer to assist



Carol:            Will submit names of committee members

Decide on UUFL logo

Submit a table listing speakers for the next few months

Find the informational UU film for services.

Arrange for donation of rug (Tom & Marolen to aid)

Ad Hoc Decorating committee


Marolen:        Continue to work on Child Care issues

Call Wells Fargo for statement prior to Mar FC mtg.


Sandra:        Write letter to Tim and Donna Reardon

Aid Alex in Child Care on 2/18/18.


Madonna:        Submit names of B&G Committee members

Submit report of B&G Committee


Tina:            Check for web host for UUFL webpage

Prepare a list for A/V operators (with Madonna)

Talk to Susan re: art project she presented


Tom:            Prepare P&P for ordering supplies


XIX.    Adjourn


    A motion was made by Marolen and seconded by Tina to adjourn at 2:15 p.m.


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