Minutes of the Governing Board of the UUFL
August 12, 2018
I. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m., Sunday, August 12, 2018 by Huey Mitchell, President. Other Board Members present were Marolen Mitchell,Treasurer, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huacuja, Tom Mitchell, and Tina Rushing, Members-at-Large. Absent from the meeting was Carol West,Vice-President. A quorum of the Governing Board was established.
II. Board Covenant:
The Board Covenant was recited by all Members of the Governing Board.
III. Non-Board Members wishing to address the Board, on non-agenda
There were no non-Board members present.
IV. Acceptance of Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to Board prior to
a. Minutes of previous meeting on July 8, 2018 as submitted by Sandra.
b. Worship Committee Report as submitted by Carol via email prior to
c. Building & Grounds Report as submitted by Madonna. Another meeting of the Committee is to be held soon but no date has been established.
Page 1 of 5, Minutes of August 12, 2018 Board Meeting  Madonna will let the Board know. Madonna has volunteered to buy supplies
and maintain the printer which is under the purview of the Worship Committee chaired by Carol. Huey suggested a more detailed report by the
Building and Grounds Committee at future meetings. Marolen stated that in the future no checks will be issued without an invoice being presented
d. PR Committee Report as submitted by Tina. Tina stated the sign had been installed and the old one removed. The Website has been updated and is up and running. A software program is being used to connect our Facebook to the Website. Tina would like to present via email a “phrase” to be displayed on the sign in addition to the time of Worship Service. All Board members agreed this was an excellent idea. She will meet with Madonna and take a look at the numbers and letters available for this project, ensuring that there is a sufficient supply.
e. Report of status of weekly Friday night activities. Greg was not present so no report of status was available.
f. Financial Report as submitted by Marolen. All financial reports were sent to Board Members prior to meeting. However, Marolen would like to make some changes to the Income & Expense report making the increases and decreases more readily viewable.
A motion was made by Tom and seconded by Tina to accept the Consent Agenda
Reports. All present voted in the affirmative. Motion carried.
V. Review Monthly mail and discuss, as necessary. Sandra stated that there was no mail other than the mail which Marolen picks up for her at the Post Office. This mail is primarily for the Treasurer. Sandra expressed her appreciation for Marolen and Sky who assist her in her duties as Secretary. Page 2 of 5, Minutes of August 12, 2018 Board Meeting
VI. Discuss and take necessary action on July 1, Open Meeting.
Sandra presented the results of the Survey of July 1. The results of the survey with the ranking by Category was emailed to the Board Members. In
summary, the top three Categories shown as the most important were:
1. Sustainability. Appeal to young people. Create and encourage an active and
participatory membership.
2. Increase Community interaction and visibility.
3. Be more welcoming and more intentional.
Sandra will make an announcement during today’s service giving these results and requesting volunteers from members and friends to institute these top ranked categories.
VII. Discuss and vote, on motion to accept the R.E. Committee proposed RE action plan. During the discussion, Sandra suggested the proposal as a motion was multi-layered. The proposal as submitted by Marolen was presented as a motion. The motion was seconded by Madonna. There were three (3) votes in the affirmative and two (2) votes “nay”. Sandra wanted her nay vote recorded as nay because she felt the motion was too broad and covered too many unknown decisions. The Motion as Proposed carried. (See proposal attached.)
VIII. Status of Policies & Procedures Manual.  Tom stated there were no additional P&P to consider. Tom will forward the
ones presented and approved to Tina for placement on the Website.
IX. Discuss and make decision on accepting modified 2018 Budget.–Board
Due to transfer of funds from one area to another, there is no need to modify the 2018 Budget at this time and therefore, no need to present a modified budget to the Congregation.
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X. Status of Madonna using the Building in August.
Madonna stated that she no longer needs to use the building in August.
XI. Status on participation in the reformation of the Longview Interfaith
Council. Tom.
Tom stated a meeting was held on the last Sunday in July at Marolen’s house. Attending were representatives of the St. Andrews Presbyterian, Heritage Quakers, Woodland Christian, Buddhist, and Episcopalian ministries as well as Jeff Grimes, an activist. The goal of the group is to be a voice for the marginalized, small groups in the religious communities that don’t have a voice in Longview.
Involvement is key; not just “talk”. There was support to move forward and a meeting will be held the last Sunday of each month beginning August 26, 2018. The UUFL will participate with Marolen and Tom representing and they invited any/all who would like to attend.
XII. Discuss and select a NTUUC representative. Board. Huey will announce the need for a representative to NTUUC and encourage
someone to volunteer. It will also be placed in the announcements.
XIII. Discuss Metaphysical Group that are coming on Sunday would like to
create a “Crafts Group”. Carol.
Carol was absent due to illness. Sandra will talk with her about presenting a
plan to the Board.
XIV. Address Grace Rose’s desire to become a member of the UUFL. Board
Her membership is welcomed.
XV. Motion to adjourn. A motion was made by Marolen and seconded by
Sandra. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.
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Date: September 9, 2018