All that is required to become a voting member of this Fellowship is the simple act of signing your name in the membership book.  This simple act can be a deeply significant decision.

Signing the membership book is a personal commitment to participate in a quest.  A quest that is spiritual as well as practical, personal as well as social, individual as well as institutional.  Unitarian Universalism challenges you to consider how your beliefs about human nature, evolution, and divine revelation affect your attitude toward yourself and others, and how those beliefs influence what you do.

Inscribing your name does not transform you into an instant or born again Unitarian.  Our way of life is not so much an arriving as a becoming – an ongoing process of thought and life experience.

The initiative is yours.  You do not sign on someone else’s dotted line of spiritual development, and there is no fine print.  Your signature is your commitment to an open-minded, compassionate approach to life.

Joining our fellowship means essentially three things:

  1. You are in fundamental agreement with the principles of freedom and reason in religion and life.  This is the basis for our creedless church.
  2. You commit yourself to the importance of an organized religious fellowship.  People who think and work together for the values in which they believe have a better chance of successfully achieving those values.
  3. You accept the responsibilities that go with membership in any human community.  Within the limits of your ability and in line with your personal choice, you are ready to give energy, time, money, and best thought to the furthering of the ideas you prize.

This Unitarian Fellowship will not have the answers to the unanswerable questions, but you will find people here who value intellect, independence, and imagination.  Here you will find people who also value self-respect, beauty, and inner harmony.

The members of this fellowship invite you now to add your name to the membership rolls and join our community.

New members may speak to the fellowship.