Minutes of the Governing Board of the UUFL

July 8, 2018


  1. Call to order:

          The meeting was called to order at 12:14 p.m.Sunday, July 8, 2018 by Huey Mitchell, President. Other Board Members participating in the meeting were Carol West, Vice-President, Marolen Mitchell, Treasurer, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huacuja, Tom Mitchell and Tina Rushing, Members-at-Large. A quorum of the Governing Board was established.


  1. Board Covenant:

          The Board Covenant was recited by all Members of the Governing Board.


III.    Non-Board Members wishing to address the Board, on non-agenda items.

          Non-Board Members present were Barbara Smilowitz, Steve Hutson, and Greg Marshall. Greg wished to address the Board stating the Wednesday night discussion group and the Friday night movie night would be combined. This combined group will meet on Friday night and date and time of the first meeting will be forthcoming.

Huey announced Tracy Edwards will join the UUFL as a Member on July 15, 2018.


  1. Acceptance of Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to Board prior to meeting).
  2. Minutes of the Board Meeting of June 20, 2017 as submitted by Sandra.
  3. Worship Committee Report as submitted by Carol. Barbara has a suggestion for a speaker that she will forward to Carol. Tina suggested that more information about the speakers be given and she will post these on the Announcements. She also announced the speakers who will be on the panel on next Sunday’s Meeting. The Order of Service was discussed and agreed upon. Tom volunteered to be the “MC”.

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  1. Building & Grounds Report was submitted by Madonna on June 17 as Minutes of a meeting held by that Committee. To those Minutes she updated the following information:
  2. Further explore problem with the on/off sensor for the projector as  it may be as simple as using an HDMI cable.
  3. $200 to repair/replace the canopy of the playground, parking lot lights and the pole light by the RE building. Greg will treat the playground equipment with sealer.
  4. Estimate for removal of our old sign and for installation of the new sign is $875 which includes cutting the trees.
  5. Pest control has been completed.
  6. Steve met with the A/C people. [For such occasions in the future, Madonna has requested a key to the building be given to Steve though he is not on the Board…See X below].
  7. Tina has set the thermostat for the building to come on/of automatically. (the thermostats in the RE building and the Boardroom do

not have the option for auto setting).


  1. PR Committee report as submitted by Tina. She informed us that the advertisement in the Longview newspaper will be $38.90 per month with an initial amount of $32.20 for July. The information regarding the Panel Program for next Sunday 7/15/18 will be included. She will contact Channel 19 to possibly cover this important program.

Tina also suggested that the Announcements be sent solely as a post on the Webpage which she will do once they are emailed by Sky to her.


  1. Financial Report was submitted by Marolen.


A Motion to accept the Consent Agenda was made by Tom and seconded by Sandra. There were 7 yea votes and 0 nay votes. Motion carried.


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  1. Discuss and take necessary action on Greg Marshall’s concerns.

          A meeting was held on July l following the Sunday Service in which the  members and friends of the UUFL were encouraged to express their goals for our fellowship.  Goals and concerns were summarized and sent out requesting the recipient prioritize the goals listed and return to Sandra via email. This will be resent by Marolen with request that it be completed and returned to Sandra by the end of the month. Sandra will tally the results and send to Board Members prior to the August meeting.


  1. Discuss and take action on R.E. Committee proposed RE action plan. Marolen.

          Marolen copied and handed out during the meeting the report and proposal for an RE action plan. This will be added to next month’s agenda. She went over the report briefly. All Board Members are encouraged to give this serious consideration so that action may be taken.


VII.   Status of 2018 Policies and Procedures Manual. Tom

          Tom had no additional P&P to submit. (See IX below). He submitted a form to all Members via email addressing “Permission of Participants to record etc”. He will write a document linking it to P&P Manual.


VIII.  Discuss and make decision on modifying 2018 budget. Board.

          After discussion it was decided that all Board Members will submit a revised budget to the Finance Committee. This Committee will submit the revised budget to the Board. Tom made the motion that the revised budget be voted upon by the Board Members in a Special Called Meeting held via email and that the Revised Budget, if approved by the Board, will then be presented to the Congregation for approval. Tina seconded the motion. All voted in the affirmative and motion carried.


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  1. Discuss and take action on Special Collection Policy. Tom.

A motion was made by Sandra and seconded by Tina that the policy as submitted by Tom regarding Special Collection be approved. The motion carried by a unanimous vote.


  1. Discuss issuing building key to Steve Hutson. Madonna.

          A motion was made by Tom and seconded by Madonna to issue a building key to Steve. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.


  1. Discuss and take action on appropriate weekly announcement content. Board.

          A motion was made by Huey and seconded by Tina that announcements on the Webpage would be limited to those pertaining to the UUFL and that no announcements of a personal nature be included. Motion carried unanimously.


Sandra announced that she had received requests from the Southern Poverty Law Center for donations. Tom made a motion that the UUFL make a donation of $100 to SLPC. The motion was seconded by Sandra and motion carried unanimously.


XII.   Discuss and take action on Madonna using the building in July or August. Madonna

Madonna would like use of the UUFL building in July or August. Huey made a motion which was seconded by Tom that upon submission of the appropriate policy/procedure form that Madonna be granted use of the building. The motion carried by a unanimous vote.


XIII.  Discuss and take action on participation in the reformation of the Longview interfaith council. Tom.

          A motion was made by Huey that we participate and grant the use of the building upon completion of the P&P form regarding building usage. The motion was seconded by Marolen. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.

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XIV.  Review information gathered from the July 1 Open Discussion Meeting. Board.

          Board Members were referred to the Summary of Goals that was presented on July 1. Huey mentioned several key points in the discussion.

  1. We need to focus on  adults as well as children with respect to our goals.
  2. In order to have growth it has been said that young people must be encouraged to attend. Though this is correct, we do need to keep in mind that adults support the UUFL and are the mainstay.
  3. We need to find out why Members and Friends have not returned/been active.
  4. There was a suggestion that an adult RE program, such as the “Sunday School” approach, be carried out.
  5. Music due to its importance in the service should be expanded. (Carol inquired if money budgeted for speakers but unused could be used to pay for a pianist. The answer from all was yes.)
  6. Consider a remodel versus purchase of a new building (suggested by Madonna.


  1. General Communication between Board Members. Board.

          It was agreed that  communication be between all members of the Board. Should a person be added to the communication outside the Board, it needs to be stated in the email in order to let everyone know a person has been “copied”.


XVI.  Sign official documents as required.

          Huey and Sandra will stay after adjournment for signing of documents.



          All Board Members affected: submit a revised budget to Marolen.

          Huey: Add RE proposal submitted by Marolen to next month’s agenda.

Sandra:   Make copies of Minutes from Jan-June  to stay at the UUFL.


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Marolen:  Call Audrey re housekeeping.

Madonna: Submit form re building usage.

Tom:  Draft P&P connecting Permission to record to P&P Manual. Submit form for building usage.

Tina: Contact channel 19 re Panel Program 7/15/18. Set up Boost (linking FB and Twitter, etc)


XVIII. Adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.



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Approved by: _____________________

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