Minutes of the Governing Board of the UUFL

November 4, 2018


  1. Call to Order:

    The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m., Sunday, November 4, 2018 by Huey Mitchell, President. Other Board Members present were Carol West, Vice President, Sandra McNeely, Secretary, Madonna Huacuja and Tammy Kallmeyer, Members-at-Large.. Absent from the Board Meeting was Marolen Mitchell, Treasurer and Tina Rushing, Member-at-Large. A quorum of the Governing Board was present and established.


  1. Board Covenant:

    The Board Covenant was recited by all Members of the Governing Board.


III.    Non-Board Members Present and wishing to address the Board on non agenda items.

    Tracy Webster was present; however, she is on the Agenda to speak to us regarding her attendance as our representative to NTUUC. (See XIII below)


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  1. Acceptance to Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to Board prior to meeting).
  1. Minutes of previous meeting of October 14, 2018. Sandra
  2. Worship Committee report. Carol
  3. Building & Grounds report. Madonna
  4. PR Committee report. Tina. Though absent, Tina had submitted her report.
  5. Financial report. Huey (in Marolen’s absence.)
  6. RE proposal update. Marolen. (on hold).

A motion to accept the consent agenda reports was made by Madonna and seconded by Carol. The vote on the motion was 5 in the affirmative with no opposition. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Review and discuss mail as necessary. Sandra

    Sandra distributed mail to Huey for Marolen, the Treasurer. Mail was also distributed to Carol as Worship Chair. Sandra stated that a note of appreciation including a plaque (which she gave to Carol for the bulletin board) was received from Southern Poverty Law Center for our contribution to that organization. Other mail requests for money were received from various organizations. Huey stated that in the past, the congregation was asked to select a charity of their choice for contributions from the UUFL for that year. In this way, various charities would be included over time. It was agreed this would be a good idea for the 2019 Governing Board to consider.


  1. Review last month’s action items. Board.

    Huey – completed items

Sandra- completed items.

Carol – Add the “song” for the children to the OOS.

Appoint a person to be responsible to print the OOS each Sunday.

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Marolen: RE Program (On Hold)

Madonna – items are on agenda for 11/4. Discuss under XIII and X below.


VII.    Discuss possibility of New Member Orientation. Tina & Tammy.

    Tammy stated that she has been working on this. Huey suggested that Tina and Tammy set a date for completion and report suggestions to the Board. Tammy requested of Sandra an updated Booklet and folder information which Sandra agreed to bring next Sunday.


VIII.    Discuss and take necessary action regarding wider seats for the sanctuary. Madonna

    Madonna stated she had not been able as of date to get estimates for this project but she is still pursuing this by looking into both wider seats and wooden benches as possible solutions to this need. Add item to next month’s agenda.


  1. Discuss Membership retention.  Board.

    Tracy gave a brief review of the NTUUC meeting in which the subject was touched upon briefly and tangentially to other matters. It was suggested by Tammy and agreed by other Board Members that the Welcoming Committee could approach members, friends, and visitors after the service as a follow up on their needs and interests; such as “would you like to be contacted about upcoming events and announcements?” “Can you join us for lunch?”


  1. Discuss Panic Button Issue. Board.

    Madonna stated the initial cost of a panic button and the ensuing monthly expense to maintain it. The Board decided against getting panic button for now.

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  1. Discuss and approve absentee ballot to be emailed to all members.

    Sandra submitted an example of the ballot to be emailed to members should they request to vote absentee. She stated explicit instructions would be given and that the voting via email must be as a “reply” to her original email containing the ballot information. Otherwise the vote would not be counted. All agreed to this process.


XII.    Discuss annual Holiday Party. Board.

    Huey suggested and it was agreed to by the Board that he announce during the Service following the meeting a request for two or more persons to volunteer to organize a party for the Holidays.


XIII.    Discuss NTUUC grant application. Board.

    Huey sent out information concerning applying for a grant from NTUUC. Areas of interest to the UUFL were mentioned such as monies for a pianist, a higher quality printer to name a couple. It was decided that any Board Member wishing to apply for a grant submit their specific requests with amount needed to Tracy who would fill out the general application on behalf of the UUFL with the specific requests included. She stated that the end of November is the deadline for applying and therefore would need specific requests be submitted to her by November 20 thereby giving her ample time to make an application by the deadline.

At this time, a discussion ensued as to the desire for a pianist. All agreed that a full time, paid pianist would be highly desirable. Tracy stated that with the grant monies, the fellowship would be required to pick up the expense after three years. All were in agreement that a pianist would add to the quality of our Sunday services.


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Along this line of attempts for improvement, the OOS should be printed and available prior to the Service. It was suggested by Huey that a more adequate printer be obtained.


XIV.    Recap & sign all necessary documents.

    All Board Members:

1) send any grant requests to Tracy by 11/20.

2) Read and approve/change Minutes of 11/4/18 meeting by       Tuesday, 11/6 @ 6:00 p.m.


    Huey:        1) Make announcement regarding Holiday Party.

2) Put  on next month’s agenda: wider seats/benches, New Member Orientation, NTUUC grant submitted, Holiday Party plans (if any)


Sandra:    1) Prepare Minutes of Nov. 4, 2018. Get them out to Board Members for approval/corrections and their return by ll/6/@6:00 p.m.

2) Send out additional information for voting at the ACBM to all Members by Wednesday, 11/7/18.

3) Send out Ballot to all Members wishing to vote Absentee by Wednesday, 11/7/18 stating specific instructions for submitting ballots and deadline of Midnight of 11/10/2018 in order for Ballot to be counted.

4) Bring Pocket Guide to UU Membership for Tammy 11/11/18

Carol:        1) Begin process of finding/hiring a pianist

2) Send request for grant to Tracy by 11/20

3) Appoint a person to print the OOS each week.

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4) Have the “Children’s Song” included on the OOS.


Madonna:    1) Continue getting estimates for wider seats/bench.

2) Submit any request for monies for grant to Tracy by 11/20


Tina & Tammy:    1) Work on a New Member Orientation with a possible deadline of next month’s meeting.

2) Submit any request for monies in the form of an NTUUC grant to Tracy by 11/20

3) Consider how best to handle taking photos of persons for Website whereby we have their “permission”.


Tammy:    Set up a Finance Committee Meeting.


  1. Adjourn.

    A motion to adjourn was made by Madonna and seconded by Carol to adjourn. All agreed and meeting was adjourned at 10:41 a.m.


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