Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting

January 14, 2018


  1. Call to Order

    The Governing Board Meeting was called to order by Huey Mitchell, President at 12:45 p.m.  Other  Governing Board Members present were Carol West (Vice President), Marolen Mitchell (Treasurer), Sandra McNeely (Secretary), Madonna Huacuja, Tom Mitchell, and Tina Rushing (Members at Large)

Non-Board Members present were Greg Marshall, Steve Hutson, and Susan Crane.

  1. Board Covenant

    Covenant was recited by all Board Members.

III.    Non-Board Members Addressing the Board on non-agenda items:

    Greg Marshall expressed concern with regard to comments made to his family that made him feel unwelcome. These comments were in regard to the child care.

Steve Hutson suggested we show a two minute video, “We are UU’s” stating what the UU is all about. He also made the suggestion we establish “guidelines” for our “Talk Back” that state we be open minded and respectful of others.

Susan Crane commented on the appearance of the sign in front of the building near street. She suggested it be of a more permanent nature.  She also commented that “live” flowers be part of the chalice table being supplied on a rotating basis similar to lay leadership.

Huey told the non-Board members that their concerns and suggestions will be agenda items for the February Board Meeting.

  1. Acceptance of Consent Agenda (Agenda was first presented. A motion for Acceptance of the Consent Agenda was made by Marolen. This motion was seconded by Tina. All voted in favor of acceptance.)
  2. Minutes of Board Meeting were approved, after date correction, as submitted by Tina Rushing for the December 10, 2017 meeting.
  3. Minutes for the January 6, 2018 Organization Meeting were approved as submitted by Sandra McNeely
  4. Financial report previously submitted by Huey Mitchell was approved.
  5. Worship Committee Report: Carol. Speaker list for February was sent to all Board Members. Future speakers will be emailed in a “table” style. Carol will fill in the blank dates and resend the table to all Board Members.
  6. Building & Ground Committee Report: Madonna. No report was sent for meeting. Madonna will hold a B&G Committee meeting before the next Board meeting and will send all Board Members a report as well as a list of the Committee members.
  7. Finance Committee Report: Marolen. There has been no action by the committee to report.
  8. Policies & Procedures: Tom. The Board approved the policy that the appearance of the sanctuary with regard to artwork, wall hangings, signage etc. be put before the Board for approval before any action such as adding, deleting, or altering of such.

Tom requested that Board Members submit any suggestions to be included in the Policies and Procedures manual that he is writing which he will submit to the Board for approval.


  1. New Business.
  2. b. & c. Discuss and make decision on recommended new committee members.

This item was placed on hold by Huey except for the Finance Committee and Ad Hoc Committees (to be discussed under d & e below) He suggested all Chairs of Committees present a list of their members (and their backups) and list Committee’s responsibilities for each member. Submit this information to the Board Members via email for consideration prior to Board Meeting.

Members of Committees do not need to be UUFL members. Each Committee needs at least 3 members (UUFL members or friends), one of whom is a Board Member who is the Chair.

  1. Finance Committee. Marolen reported the members of the Finance Committee of which she is the Chair are Huey Mitchell and Sandra McNeely. She submitted via email the responsibilities of the Finance Committee (these are attached to the minutes).

Marolen recommended the Board accept a new member to the committee: Tammy Kallmeyer. Huey asked willingness to serve and Tammy agreed. Sandra made a motion to accept Tammy as a member of the Finance Committee. Tina seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously

  1. Establish Ad Hoc Committee to audit 2017 financials.

No one can be on this committee who has authority to sign checks. Marolen agreed to act as advisor only. A motion was made by Tina and seconded by Marolen that Sandra McNeely, Tom Mitchell and Tammy Kallmeyer be members of the Ad Hoc Audit Committee. Tom agreed to be Chair. He will also set up an initial meeting for this Audit Committee. Motion passed unanimously.



  1. Discuss and identify official documents requiring signature of originator.

The following documents were designated:

  • By-Laws,
  • Minutes of the ACBM, Minutes of the Governing Board,
  • Agendas for those meetings.

Sandra will add a page to the By-Laws with the names of the By-Laws Committee, the minutes of the ACBM which approved the By-Laws and the date the By-Laws became effective.


  1.     Discuss and make decision of establishing new positions & other proposals.
  2. UUFL Historian

Huey will ask Ruth Semrau to be the Historian.

  1. UUFL Public Relations person

Tina Rushing agreed to be the Public Relations person. Sandra made a motion we accept Tina as the Public Relations person for the UUFL. Madonna seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Reinstituting members & friends pledge cards. This item was withdrawn by person who suggested it for consideration.
  2. Eliminating the “dedication of the morning offering” from the OOS. This item was withdrawn by person who suggested it for consideration.
  3. Appearance of sanctuary.

Carol agreed to Chair an Ad Hoc Decorating Committee. Susan agreed to serve on this committee. Carol will advise the Board when she has additional members and of any action planned.

VII.      Discuss and make decision on our Communication Process.

  1. Weekly Announcements . Sky Mitchell is currently sending the announcements. It was agreed to continue in this manner.
  2. Monthly Newsletter. Sandra will “experiment” with this.
  3. Web Page. See below
  4. Smart Church .see below
  5. Facebook. See below

As Public Relations person, Tina will be responsible for all areas involving social media. She agreed to talk with Sarah. Tina will also get information on companies doing web design.

VIII. Discuss and establish Committee to investigate our child care issue and come back to Board with a recommended solution.

    Marolen agreed to talk with Sarah and with Mary from Tyler UU. She will develop a program and talk with Alex to see if she would be willing to carry it out. Once a program has been developed, Marolen will submit it to the Board for approval.

  1.    [skip]
  2. Recap
  • Huey will add non-Board members’ comments/suggestions to Agenda for Feb.
  • Tom will continue writing Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Carol and Madonna will submit to the Board prior to next month’s meeting:
  1. Members of their committees & backups
  2. Responsibilities of their committees
  • Tom will set meeting for Audit Committee
  • Sandra will prepare the documents needing signature
  • Huey will ask Ruth to act as UUFL Historian
  • Tina will contact Sarah. Also, she will talk w/web designer companies.
  • Carol will form Decorating Committee and make suggestions of actions to Board.
  • Tina will talk with Sky about sending announcements from uulongview@gmail.com
  • Sandra will “experiment” with monthly Newsletter.
  • Marolen will talk with Sarah and Mary. Form a program for RE for children.
  1.      Adjournment.

    Marolen made a motion to adjourn. Motion was seconded by Tina. All agreed. Meeting was adjourned at 2:45.


Submitted by:  Sandra McNeely, Secretary  ____________________________

Approved by Governing Board of the UUFL, February 11, 2018

Huey Mitchell, President ______________________________