UUFL Board Meeting Agenda

August 11, 2019

1. Call to Order:

2. Board Covenant: As a member of the UUFL governing board, I promise to conduct board business with faithfulness, responsibility, honesty, diligence, and openness, and to conduct my relations with all members and friends with respect and consideration.

3. Non-Board Members wishing to address the board on non-agenda items:

4. Review This Month’s Action Items – Board

a) Holy Conversations Book – Tracy

5. Acceptance of Consent Agenda: (all reports submitted to board prior to meeting)

a) Review and approve last month’s meeting minutes – Tracy

b) Worship Committee Report – Carol

c) Building and Grounds Committee Report – Madonna

d) Public Relations Report – Tina

e) Financial Report – Tammy

f) Religious Education Committee Report – Lisa

g) Space Planning Committee Report – Huey

h) Presidents and Vice Presidents NTUUC Workshop and Dinner Report – Madonna

6. Review Monthly Mail and discuss as necessary – Tracy

7. Monthly Newsletter – Carol

a) Discuss and take action.

8. Revision of By-Laws – Madonna

a) Discuss and take action.

9. Select a Charity for Donation – Madonna

a) Discuss charity choices.

b) Take action.

10. Recap and Sign all necessary documents:

11. Motion to adjourn: