January 2021 Board Meeting

In Board Meeting Minutes by Ryan Miller

UUFL Board Meeting

January 9, 2021

The UUFL board met via Zoom at 1405 with the meeting called to order by President Lisa Sanders with the following members present:  Lisa Sanders, Carol West, Tammy Kallmeyer, Steve Hutson, Kylie Murry, Barbara McDaniel, Tracy Webster and non-members, Huey Mitchell (as past president) and Pat Nowak.

The board covenant was read and Tammy Kallmeyer asked the board to consider a procedure for re-opening the fellowship when we are again able to have in-person services questioning whether we would ask for proof of vaccination and how long we would require masks.

The consent agenda was then reviewed and the December minutes and financials were accepted without questions or comments.  There was a short discussion about the possible need for a thermostat that detects humidity in the RE building that would then turn on a fan if the humidity exceeded a certain level.  The public relations committee reported that Pam Browning has taken over the fellowship’s Instagram account and board members were encouraged to like and share our Facebook page to boost its visibility.  Kylie Murry has completed the RE training and has a list of teaching materials to purchase which would be paid for with an NTUUC grant.  All of these reports were accepted unanimously.

Under old business, Barbara McDaniel asked if we could spend money on Facebook ads to boost the page.  It was suggested that we use these for the resumption of in-person services, the RE orientation and for special presentations.

Tammy Kallmeyer has completed sorting the documents in her living room until Huey Mitchell brought her more.  Because he’s like that.

Lisa Sanders has been in contact with Omni Construction about repairing the back door entrance.  They are to contact the concrete contractor to make the repairs.  This is the building’s designated ADA entrance.

Pat Nowak has been working on a fellowship contact list of friends and members and will distribute a hard copy on the resumption of in-person services.  The board will receive more detailed contact information and members are to get names and e-mail addresses only.

Tracy Webster is to follow up on the web traffic for the fellowship’s website.

Steve Hutson gave a presentation on the two bids received on the installation of a web camera and sound equipment for Zoom and live streaming services.  The board voted unanimously in favor of the Mundt Music proposal with the purchase of a computer from CPU in Longview.

Under new business, there were no questions about the annual congregational board minutes.

Lisa Sanders is to research a Zoom plan for the fellowship that would allow multiple license holders for hosting different meetings and e-mail the board her findings.

Tracy Webster is to start working on the UUA congregation certification which is due February 3.

Piano tuning will be delayed until closer to the resumption of in-person services.

A motion was made to adjourn, and all voted in favor.





Lisa Sanders, President





Tracy Webster, Secretary