December 2020 Board Meeting

In Board Meeting Minutes by Ryan Miller

Board Meeting – UUFL

December 13, 2020


The meeting was held via Zoom and was called to order at 1406 with the following members present:  Huey Mitchell, Carol West, Tammy Kallmeyer, Tracy Webster, Lisa Sanders, Steve Hutson and Barbara McDaniel.  Kylie Murry was also present.

The board covenant was read.

Tracy Webster gave a report on the NTUUC meeting she attended December 5 on Zoom.

The consent agenda was then reviewed and all reports, including the minutes from the November meeting, financial report, worship committee, public relations committee, building and grounds, religious education were all approved following a motion and a second.  There is a question of continuing webcast of services after we are able to gather in person and whether to purchase and install equipment for this.  The matter was tabled until January.

We continue to need an AV backup for Steve Hutson for Sunday services.  Kylie Murry offered to be a backup during Zoom services while we are all still at home.

Tammy Kallmeyer is still working on documentation storage.

Tracy Webster than gave a report on the website and Blake Wallace with Absolute Technology Solutions reported that from July to November 2020, the UUFL website averaged 63 visitors a month with 88% of them being new and 12% of them returning.  She will seek an updated report in another month.  She is updating the website weekly.  It was requested that Google Analytics be activated so we can monitor the website’s use ourselves.

Huey Mitchell has said his last week of doing the newsletter will be the week of Christmas.  It was suggested that Pat Nowak may be interested in contributing to this and Kylie Murry volunteered to manage it.  Carol West was to ask Pat if she would consider this.

Pat Nowak has also been working on the UUFL directory and it was decided that we would not use photos and have an email listing for all members but full addresses with phone numbers would only be available to board members.  Huey Mitchell is to ask Pat about its distribution.  There was a motion and a second and all were in favor.

Lisa Sanders is to approach Omni Construction about repairing the wheelchair accessible door in which the concrete has cracked at the threshold.  The entry must meet ADA standards.

A discussion was then held about the UUFL having its own Zoom account as we’ve been meeting on Sundays and Thursdays using Huey Mitchell’s personal account.  Kylie Murry is going to research other web meeting options, like Microsoft Teams, for ease of use.  Huey cannot transfer ownership of his account to the fellowship but it may be used with his user name and password.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, the date and times for upcoming board meetings will be changed to the second Saturday of the month at 2pm.  A motion was made and seconded.  All voted in favor.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, seconded and all voted in favor.





Huey Mitchell, President





Tracy Webster, Secretary