November 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

In Board Meeting Minutes by Ryan Miller

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board Meeting – November 8, 2020



The Zoom meeting was called to order by Huey Mitchell with the following members present:  Huey Mitchell, Carol West, Tammy Kallmeyer, Lisa Sanders, Steve Hutson and Tracy Webster along with non board members Patricia Nowak and Kylie Murry.


The board covenant was read.  Non board members did not have items to address to the board.


The consent agenda was discussed with a minor change made to the minutes from October involving the budget.  The financial report numbers were explained by the fellowship’s treasurer, Tammy Kallmeyer.  There was also a brief discussion about contacting Omni about a crumbling concrete patch that could be a trip hazard.  Another bid on installation of a web cam is expected this week for transmission of services during Covid restrictions.  Other reports were accepted without questions.  The consent agenda was approved unanimously following a motion and a second.


The updated UUFL logo is to be added to the web page and Tracy Webster is to contact the web administrator for assistance in doing this.


Kylie Murry has volunteered to be the backup for Steve Hutson’s AV duties for Zoom services only.  She may do this from her home, which has high speed internet.


Tammy Kallmeyer  is still going through documents and found several legal sized hanging folders that could use new homes.  She is also to run analytics on the fellowship’s web page to check traffic.  Tracy Webster is to get the information from Blake Wallace on how to do this.


The slate of board member candidates was approved unanimously by the board for election at the annual congregational board meeting in December.


The operating and remodeling budget for 2021 was reviewed and the word “remodeling” is used to describe furnishing the RE rooms for continuity of language.  Individual items of folding chairs and a cart to house these were removed from the list.  Shelving is to remain.  Kylie Murry is expected to chair the RE committee next year and she is to start work on furnishing the RE rooms now, before we resume in-person services.  Lisa Sanders was asked to set up a Zoom meeting with Kylie and Marolen Mitchell to discuss further.


A motion was made and seconded to accept the budget with these changes and all voted in favor.


Patricia Nowak has been gracious to work on a contact information spreadsheet for easier contact with members and friends.  This information is only to be distributed among members and friends and not released to the website or any public domain.


There were questions about who is updating the UUFL Facebook account.  Roberta Overholt is managing the Instagram account for the fellowship and she is also changing the sign.  Solar lights near the sign were destroyed and will table for now whether to replace them.


There was a question if the fellowship’s G-Mail account was being monitored and if people who contact the website are getting noticed.  Carol West is to contact Barbara McDaniel with these questions.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded and all voted in favor.









Huey Mitchell, President







Tracy Webster, Secretary