October 2020 Board Meeting

In Board Meeting Minutes by Ryan Miller

UUFL Board Meeting

October 11, 2020

The board meeting was conducted via Zoom with the following members present:  Huey Mitchell, Carol West, Tammy Kallmeyer, Steve Hutson, Lisa Sanders and Tracy Webster.  Barbara McDaniel was absent.  The meeting was called to order and the board covenant was read .

There were no non-board members present for comment.

The consent agenda was approved after questions were answered.  Kylie Murray, Roberta Overholt, Tracy Webster and Pam Browning have agreed to be lay leaders.  Omni Construction is to be contacted about the need for a threshold in the kitchen to avoid fall risk.  The fire extinguishers also need to be checked in the near future.  Steve Hutson is to call and check on rates.  The light in front of the ladies’ room also needs to be repaired.  The people who do the yard work are also to be contacted about trimming the hedges and the weeds near the air conditioning unit.  The financial report now includes attendance on the Zoom services rather than just in-person services on Sundays.  Carol West is to make a sign for the door informing people that they may not enter without wearing a mask.  A motion was made and seconded for the consent agenda to be approved and it passed unanimously.

Under old business, the UUFL logo has been replaced on the sign out front and on the fellowship’s Facebook account.  We do not know if it has been changed on Instagram or the web site.  Tracy Webster has agreed to take on the web site updates and will need training.

Changes to the bylaws were then discussed and Carol West requested that “worship committee” be changed to “program committee” which will be done.  A motion was made and seconded with all approving the changes to the bylaws.

We are still looking for a backup for Steve Hutson’s AV responsibilities for Sunday mornings.  There was a discussion about whether the newsletter is needed now that Sunday services are back.  Carol West suggested a mailed newsletter every month to members and friends as e-mails are not being read.  The web page needs to contain the Zoom link along with a short description of the week’s message and possibly newsletter material or have people who have been writing newsletter articles have them instead posted to the web site.

Tammy Kallmeyer is still going through documents in preparation for a single place of storage for them.

Carol West reported that the nominating committee met and Kylie Murray has agreed to be a board member at large and take over the RE program.  Tracy Webster and Tammy Kallmeyer have agreed to stay in their positions for the next term.

A discussion was then held about the purchase of AV equipment for hybrid services.  These services will probably continue indefinitely.  The issue is spending money when our donations and attendance are down.  It was reported that speakers would be more comfortable speaking from the fellowship without having to deal with computer equipment at the podium and a web cam with preset positions would eliminate this issue.  It was decided for Steve Hutson to get an estimate and if less than $3500, we would proceed.  Tammy Kallmeyer is to forward a name of someone who may be able to take care of all of it instead of purchasing a computer from one business and having another do the installation.  The money is to come from the contingency fund.  Tracy Webster is to check with NTUUC on the possibility of available funds to help with this.

Tammy Kallmeyer sent a draft budget to committee chairs for their input and possible changes to be discussed by the finance committee before the November board meeting.

Keeping the UUFL web page was also discussed and Tammy Kallmeyer is to use Google analytics to check web traffic.

The tentative date for the annual congregational business meeting was set for December 6.

There was a motion made to adjourn and seconded.  All voted in favor.





Huey Mitchell, President




Tracy Webster, Secretary