September 2020 Board Meeting

In Board Meeting Minutes by Ryan Miller

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board Meeting – September 13, 2020

The Zoom meeting was called to order and the board covenant was read with the following members present:  Huey Mitchell, Tammy Kallmeyer, Carol West, Lisa Sanders, Tracy Webster and Steve Hutson.  Absent was Barbara McDaniel.

There were no non-board members present.

The consent agenda was reviewed and approved unanimously.  One note from the religious education committee was a suggestion that the classrooms be equipped now before we are able to meet again in person without restrictions.  The RE committee also reported the remaining grant money from NTUUC can be spent next year.  Carol West is to ask Barbara Cavin if she would be willing to update the UUFL website.  Steve Hutson is to confer with Barbara McDaniel about changing the logo on the sign in front of the building.

The bylaws review has been ongoing and there have been changes made.  These are to be reviewed and forwarded to the board prior to the October board meeting for approval before the November congregational meeting.

Absolute Technologies is the UUFL website host and they are doing minimal updates to the website as a courtesy.  They are willing to train anyone who may be interested in being responsible for the website content.

Onsite services are to begin next Sunday, September 20 using physical distancing and masks.  Tina Rushing is to use Zoom for those who do not want to attend in person.

The building and grounds committee chair, Steve Hutson, reported that the building is ready for use.

The maintenance and holding of official documents was then discussed.  At the last meeting, it was decided that there be a file cabinet for document storage.  These papers need to be scanned and saved to a USB drive and duplicates kept.  Tammy Kallmeyer is working on reviewing documents and Tracy Webster already has begun a USB drive for document storage.

Unwanted fellowship items have either been given away, thrown away or stored following a cleaning day.

Additional storage means was discussed and a bookcase in the kitchen was suggested.

There will be an addition to the bylaws clarifying standard for approval on large expenditures by the fellowship.  Membership is to be better defined.  A 2/3 vote will be required for large expenditures rather than 75% of members and is to be used when investment funds are involved.

Because of decreased donations, there will be a pledge drive every August for better estimation of income for budgeting purposes.

A nominating committee for 2021 board member nominations was discussed.  Carol West volunteered to be the chair and will ask Barbara McDaniel and Pam Browning if they would serve.

The budget for 2021 is to be discussed at the next meeting.  Income and expenditures are both decreased due to COVID and restrictions on gathering.

A motion was made to adjourn and unanimously approved.