Weekly Announcements for September 13, 2020

In Weekly Announcements by Huey Mitchell

Sunday, September 13, 10:45 AM

Program: “Plans B-Z”

We will be hearing the Rev. Lavanhar speak on Plans B-Z. Carol will be leading this program and discussion. Log into our virtual Zoom service to understand just what Plans B-Z are.

Zoom Sunday Service Link


Carol’s Words of Wisdom Collection

“We wonder about truth, about the whats and whys and whithers of life.Wondering is very important, but it should bear the fruits of faith and thoughts, and it should turn our faces to whatever is coming down the winds of time and circumstance.We must:Be curious; seek new perspectives and ways of understanding our world.Pay attention to the challenges of our own day.Explore how our values and traditions call us to respond to actions.”
Rev. Angus H. MacLean (from UU World -Spring of 2020)

Governing Board Meeting

Sunday, September 13 at 2:00 pm via Zoom link

View the Meeting Agenda

UUFL Financial Support

Those of you who wish to contribute financially can mail your contributions to:

P O Box 3451
Longview, TX 75606.

If you would like to contribute electronically, contact Tammy. 1021der@gmail.com

P.R. Committee

Barbara McDaniel and Carol West are developing an on-site service for the 20th of September, at the UUFL Fellowship, beginning at 10:45 AM.

If we could get a response on how many people are interested in attending the on-site service at the Fellowship, it would help with establishing the COVID 19 protocols. Please let Barbara McDaniel know by email, phone, text, or messenger and include how you want to be contacted.

Barbara’s contact info barbaramcd@hotmail.com \ 903-720-2957

UU humor

A UU walks into a fabric store and asks the clerk for 9 yards of material. The clerk says “What are you going to make?” and the UU says “I’m making a nightgown for myself as a present for my husband.” The clerk says “But 9 yards is way too much material for a nightgown.” The UU says “I know, but my husband would rather seek than find.”

2020 Election

Gregg and surrounding counties are looking for Election poll workers for the November general election. This could be a way for you to contribute some time and energy.

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