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The Courage to Be

Speaker:  Rev. Lavanhar

(a recorded talk)


It’s Pot Luck Sunday!


Bring something to share

and join us for a delicious combination of food, conversation, and getting-to-know-you better.


The UUFL is a member of NTUUC.  We have received financial grants from them over the years for building and grounds work.  It is important that we have a representative from our congregation attend their quarterly meetings and manage communication between our two organizations.

North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations

NTUUC consists of the thirteen Unitarian Universalist congregations of the North Texas area – the “North Texas Cluster.”

Its mission is to support, serve, and strengthen our member congregations.

Communication:  NTUUC representatives from member congregations meet quarterly. These meetings provide a chance to share information about events, issues, and activities within the cluster

Funding:  NTUUC supports its member congregations by:

  • Providing annual grants to its member congregations to promote growth;
  • Providing professional staffing and office area to support NTUUC goals;
  • Funding social justice efforts involving multiple congregations;
  • Occasionally providing funds for mortgages for member congregations; and
  • Supplying emergency funding for member congregations facing external unforeseen crises.

Technical Assistance: NTUUC provides technical assistance to its member congregations by identifying needs and locating the resources to meet such needs. Possible areas of assistance include:

  • Worship programming
  • Finance and accounting consulting
  • Religious education
  • Computer skills
  • Audio/visual production and presentation
  • Facilitation of meetings

Visit their excellent website ( to find out more about them and what they do.

Interested in volunteering for this position?

Have questions??


Huey Mitchell

Sandra McNeely


Marolen Mitchell:

I have posted the UUFL July financial report on the bulletin board in the lobby.  I invite you to take a moment to review it.



Tom Mitchell:

An effort is being made to reinstitute the former Longview Interfaith Council in order to give all faith traditions “a seat at the table” – rather than simply the large mainline Protestant churches.

A second organizational meeting will be held Sunday, August 26th at 4:00.

For information contact Marolen Mitchell at 903-240-5838.



Richard & Joanne Farnsworth:

Christmas Teddy Bear Project

Any bear or other stuffed animal, new or used (in good condition), is welcome to join our Christmas project.  Just bring your donations to the Fellowship and put them in the Christmas Teddy Bear box in the lobby.




Barbara Cavin:

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up an extra can of tuna, jar of peanut butter, bag of rice, can of chili, or any other non-perishable food item and bring it with you to the Fellowship on Sunday, put it in the food basket in the lobby, and I will take it to Longview Community Ministries to help feed the poor and hungry of our community.



Religious Society of Friends

The Quakers meet in the building at the back of our parking lot Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

All are welcome to attend.


Contact Susan Hughes: