September Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview
Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting
September 10, 2017

1. Call to Order. Board Members Jerry King, Carol West, Tim Reardon, Donna Reardon,
Huey Mitchell, Sarah Spiker and Madonna Huacuja were Present. Marolen Mitchell, Tom
Mitchell, and Sandra McNeely were also Present. The Board Covenant was recited by all
Board Members.
2. Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items: None.
3. Acceptance of Consent Agenda
a. Minutes of August 13 Board Meeting were approved as previously submitted by
b. Financial Report—The accounting Huey provided was accepted as previously
4. Standing Committee Reports
a. Mail—Tim reported that UUA is requesting $1,397 from UUFL for the Annual
Program Fund.
b. Building and Grounds—The battery in the thermostat for the a/c in the RE
room was replaced and the a/c is working fine. Madonna will replace the light in
the parking lot and will investigate a security camera to be attached to the WI-fi
that will be installed.
c. Growth Committee Update—Painting a stripe across the entrance to the
parking lot and painting fluorescent rocks to place on the sides of the parking lot
will be an in-house project. Madonna and Greg will spearhead these efforts.
d. Program Scheduling—Carol has the remainder of the year scheduled except
for 12-17 and also has a couple of the January slots penciled in.
e. There have been no changes regarding the Order of Service.
f. Financial Committee Minutes for August 10 meeting have not yet been
submitted. The Committee will meet Sunday morning, September 17, at 9 a.m.
g. By-Laws Revision Committee—Huey has provided a draft to the Board for
review and input. The Committee asks that this review occur by the end of the
h. Wednesday Night Gathering—This weekly meeting continues as the direction it
will eventually take is still being formulated. It is not called a “Service” so that
there is no confusion that it is a UU Principle-centered event intended to
duplicate, or substitute for, the Sunday programs.
5. Old Business
a. Status of Members and Friends Directory—Sarah reported that only a few
have responded to filling in the online form. It was decided that the deadline for
submission of information will be the end of September.
b. Report on NTUUC Board Meeting—Sarah shared a Membership Form from

the Denton UU. Discussion of the form occurred but no action was taken. She also
stated that there are NTUUC grants available and that frequently the money is
not spent because no one applies for it. The Growth Committee will explore the
possibilities for UUFL applications.
c. Kids’ Room—Tim has re-measured and will obtain an updated estimate from
Longview Glass next week for replacing the windows with sound-proof glass.
d. Banner Installation—Jerry, Greg, and Madonna will install the existing banner
on the front lawn.
e. Helen Ausman—Tim has written a thank-you note to Helen thanking her for her
continued financial support of UUFL.
6. New Business
6. a. Budget Adjustment—The Board voted to move an additional $150 to the Program
line item to cover this shortfall for 2017.
5. b. The Board previously approved a donation of $1000 to the UUSC Harvey Rescue
Fund. Tim has mailed the check to the UUSC.
c. The Board voted to approve Sandra McNeely as a permanent, voting member of
the Financial Committee to replace Jerry King who had resigned.
d. The Board voted to change the amount paid to UUA from $1325, as shown in the
proposed 2018 Budget, to $1397.
e. Beginning in October, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) will begin
meeting in the RE Building every Sunday. They will pay an additional $30 per month
through February. After that the group will pay $70 per month. The Board
approved these actions.
f. The 2018 Capital Expense Budget will be presented to the Board and to the
congregation for approval to begin action on some of the more immediate needs in
the remaining months of 2017.
g. The Board approved the Nominating Committee for 2018 officers to include
Madonna, Jerry, Carol and Tom.
h. and i—Contingency Fund (proposed by Huey) and a Charity Fund (proposed by
Jerry) will be discussed by the Financial Committees which will make a
recommendation to the Board.
Addendum Items: The Board voted that Huey Mitchell will continue the job of
Treasurer with the assistance, as needed, of Marolen Mitchell to fill the vacancy
resulting from Tim Reardon’s resignation. The Board also voted that Tina Rushing
will fill the vacancy of Secretary, resulting from Donna Reardon’s resignation.
Donna will continue composing and emailing the Announcements through September.
7. Recap of Action Items
a. Carol: Serve on 2018 Nominating Committee
b. Jerry: Assist with Banner installation; serve on 2018 Nominating Committee
c. Tim: Get updated bid from Longview Glass for window replacement in Kids’
d. Donna: Continue Announcements through September
e. Huey: Make Budgetary amendments
f. Madonna: Assist with Banner installation; serve on 2018 Nominating

Committee; investigate security camera and wi-fi installation; paint stripe across
entry to parking lot
g. Sarah: End gathering of information for Directory on September 30 and begin
compilation of new Directory
h. Greg: Submit report on Wednesday Night Gatherings; submit report on
Financial Committee Meeting on August 10—postponed to October; assist with
banner installation; assist Madonna with parking lot painting
i. Sandra: Become permanent member of Financial Committee (next meeting on
Sunday, September 17 at 9 a.m.)
j. Tom: Serve on 2018 Nominating Committee
8. Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.