May Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting

May 14, 2017
Call to Order.  All Board Members were Present. The Board Covenant was recited by all.

1.   Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items:

a.  Marolen and Tom Mitchell addressed concerns about the Board protecting itself against liability.  The Board agreed to investigate current insurance coverage and act as deemed necessary.

b.  Tina Rushing and Barbara Cavin explained plans for UUFL representation at the Pride Festival on June 10.  The Board approved the expenditure for a banner to use at this event and others.

c.  Grace Rose provided the Board a pamphlet of activities at the UU in Albuquerque which she attended last Sunday.  She stated they have more than one service per week and suggsted we open the building for other activities.  Tim will scan the pamphlet and share with the Board prior to the next meeting.  

2.  Acceptance of Consent Agenda

a.  Minutes of 4/9/2017 Meeting approved as previously submitted.

b.  Financial Report provided by Treasurer.  Report accepted as presented.  Tim will provide copies of the Financial Statements to Board members prior to Board

Meetings.  He will also re-format his reports to mirror the previous year-to-date information.

3.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Mail–The Board agreed to become a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The cost for membership is $75.

b.  Building and Grounds—Madonna and Tim will meet this week to repair parking lot and exterior building lights.

c.Opening and Closing Schedule—No action needed.

d.  Program Scheduling— Carol provided the Program Schedule for May-July.

e.  Lay Leader Scheduling—No action needed.  

4.  Old Business

a.  Financial—Jerry King, Tim Reardon, and Huey Mitchell met on April 27 for an internal audit of 2016.  Records were reviewed and found to be in compliance.

b.  Status of CD Account with BTH and Quaker rental—Tim reported that the CD is currently worth $27,075.30 and pays 1.73%.  It is due to be reviewed in June.   Tim reported that the Quaker’s rent, which is now $40 per month, is current.   c.  Garbage Disposal—The Opener/Closer for each Sunday will take the trash for disposal as has been the practice.

d.  John Phillips’ Will—Huey provided all documents regarding the sale of the Buckner house to Tim for filing with other church documents.  He stated the closing on the sale should occur on Monday, May 15.

e.  Recognition of John Phillips’ contributions to UUFL, both as a member and through his bequest—John’s picture has been hung.  The Board agreed to have a plaque created that will recognize John.   Donna will write the text for the plaque, and, upon Board approval, Tim will attend to its creation/installation on the front of the Fellowship.

f.  Order of Service printing—Madonna requested an upgraded printer for the Fellowship’s needs.  Sarah Spiker offered to contribute her personal printer.  The Board agreed to accept this contribution and determine whether it meets our needs.
5. New Business

a.  Building and Grounds–The Board accepted the $920.00 grounds clean-up bid obtained by Jerry and Huey.  This action will be scheduled by Jerry to occur as soon as possible.  

There was a discussion about bug treatment in the RE Building.  Madonna stated the only treatment performed recently was for termites.  Tim will procur a bug treatment product and apply it as needed.

b.  Suggestions for Increasing Membership—The Board previously approved putting a banner at the Farmers Market.  The next activity in this regard will be a “booth” at the Pride Festival.  Other ideas were suggested such as an Instagram account to promote UUFL to “younger” possible attendees.  Sarah Spiker agreed to create this account.  Another suggestion was better use of our facility for community gatherings of various kinds.  No decisions were made about this.  The Board agreed to continue to try to find ways to increase membership.

c.  Contacting Absentees—No action was taken by the Board on this subject.

d.  New UUFL Directory—Sarah Spiker volunteered to take on this project with the understanding that it will be a lengthy process.  There will be no distinction in the Directory between Members and Friends.  
6.  Recap of Action Items:

a.  Jerry:  will engage workers for property clean-up

b.  Carol: no action assigned

c.  Tim:  meet with Madonna to repair lights; inquire about plaque creation after Board-approved format; copy pamphlet provided by Grace and share with Board

d.  Donna:  compose “text” for John Phillips’ plaque and submit to Board

e.  Huey:  will attend closing on the Buckner house

    f.  Madonna:  meet with Tim to repair lights; spray RE for spiders

g.  Sarah:  bring printer to UUFL; create Instagram account for UUFL; begin work on a new UUFL Directory of Members and Friends.
7.  Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.