March Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting

March 12, 2017
Call to Order.  All Board Members were Present with the exception of Sarah Spiker.  Non-Board members Marolen Mitchell and Ruth Semrau attended during Item 2, below.  
1.  Board Covenant was recited by all.

2.  Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items:

a.  Marolen Mitchell—John Phillips’ house on Buckner was left to UUFL.  There is a potential buyer.  Board agreed to find an independent contractor to assess value.

b. Ruth Semrau—Ruth will cease compiling/printing/providing Order of Service as of the first week in May.  Board agreed to find a replacement for this duty.

3.  Acceptance of Consent Agenda

a.  Minutes of 2/12/2017 Meeting approved as submitted.

b.  Financial Report provided by Treasurer.  

4.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Building and Grounds—Tim will attend to replacement of light in parking lot.

b.  Opening and Closing Schedule—Huey has provided this to all.

c.  Program Scheduling—Carol has programs booked through May.

d.  Lay Leader Scheduling—Ruth has provided this to all.

e.  Financial—Tim will use spreadsheet format as is customary.

5.  Old Business

a.  Projector—acquisition still in progress.  UUFL will purchase and Jerry King will reimburse.

b.  Secular Humanists withdrew from renting RE building—too small.

6.  New Business

a.  2016 Internal Audit—Huey, Tim and Jerry will conduct this in April.

b.  New Carpet Issues—Carol will contact installers.

c.  Treasurer Reimbursement Process—Purchaser must fill out form and provide receipt.  Treasurer will then issue UUFL check.

d.  Supply Ordering Process—Remains the same.  List needed items and quantity on clipboard in Supply Room.

e.  Lobby Security—All agreed that blinds in Lobby will be shut upon Closing.

f.  Distribution of Program Info—Carol will provide Program Info, in a timely manner, to Sarah, Huey and Donna.  Sarah will post on website; Huey will email his version to all Board Members.

e.  March for Babies—UUFL will join with UUTyler in supporting this endeavor.  Information will be provided in Announcements.

f.  Representative for NTUUC—Need to clarify whether Jerry Kircus will continue in this capacity or whether Sarah is taking this position.  If

neither is the case, a new representative will be found.

g.  Hiring of a Permanent Pianist—No decision made at this point as other musical duties need to be assessed.

h.  UUFL Service Project—All agreed that the congregation will resume, on an individual basis, support of the Backpack Program as we did previously.

i.  UUFL Bylaws—All members were provided a copy and will review.

7.  Recap of Action Items:

a.  Jerry:  will find a contractor for an estimate on repairing John Phillips’ house on Buckner;  will meet with Tim and Huey in April for Internal Audit

b.  Carol:  will begin search to find a pianist; will handle carpet repair

c.  Tim:  will handle light repair in parking lot; will meet with Huey and Jerry in April for Internal Audit; will check with Marolen Mitchell about UUFL’s CD location and status; will handle getting John Phillips’ photograph framed and hung

d.  Donna:  will check with Jerry/Sarah re:  NTUUC representative position; will check with Marolen about contacts for Backpack Program; will work with John Sims on UUFL’s participation in March for Babies

e.  Huey:  will check on Sam’s membership and tax exempt cards; will meet with Tim and Jerry in April for Internal Audit; will send email of monthly programs to all Board Member

    f.  Madonna will check with Ruth about a backup to handle Order of Service

8.  Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.