June Board Merting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting

June 11, 2017
1.  Call to Order.  All Board Members were Present.  Fellowship members Greg Marshall, Marolen Mitchell, and Sandra McNeely were also Present. The Board Covenant was recited by all.

2.   Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items:

a.  Greg Marshall inquired about the possibility of having additional services, perhaps on Wednesday evenings, so that those who cannot attend on Sunday morning might have some interaction and experience with the congregation.  After a short discussion, the Board agreed this suggestion would certainly be considered as a method for increasing membership/attendance.  No action was taken.    

3.  Acceptance of Consent Agenda

a.  Minutes of 5/14/2017 Meeting approved as previously submitted by Donna.

b.  Financial Report provided by Treasurer.   After some adjustments were made, the report was accepted.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved by all that the Financial Report will henceforth be moved to the Standing Committee Reports.

4.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Mail—Tim shared a flyer from Habitat for Humanity and suggested they might be considered as a recipient of our financial support at some point in the future.  No action was taken.  Huey informed us that we had received a refund from the insurance on John Phillips’ house on Buckner.

b.  Building and Grounds—Madonna will get estimates for some necessary plumbing work as well as for removal of tree limbs on the back part of the parking lot.   Madonna will acquire bug spray and treat necessary areas against invaders.

c.  Opening and Closing Schedule—Huey had previously provided to the Board.

d.  Program Scheduling:  Carol provided a handout of the programs scheduled through September.

e.  Lay Leader Scheduling—Ruth will continue this task.  Carol will check with Ruth regarding publication of this schedule every few weeks.    

5.  Old Business

a. Instagram:  Sarah has set this up.  @UUFLongview is the account.

b. New Directory:  Sarah will email a request form, for gathering information, to Donna for inclusion in the Announcements.

c.  Backpack Program:  It was reiterated that a $400 check was delivered to J. L.

Everhart Elementary.  Donations have been suspended for the time being.

d.  John Phillips’ Memorial Plaque:  The text for this plaque, previously submitted by Donna, was approved with minor spacing changes.  Tim had acquired some preliminary prices, ranging from $500 –  600.  He will obtain a final price and contact the Board members for their approval.

e.  Printer Upgrade:  Sarah will contribute a printer to UUFL and deliver it asap.

  f.  Membership Growth:  The discussion continued regarding various approaches.   No specific action was taken.

g.  R. E. Building:  Sky Mitchell has agreed to be a second adult to assist Alex when the there are more children than one person can safely supervise.

6.  New Business

a.  Program Scheduling:  After considerable discussion about the planning of the programs as well as prior notification to the Board, the Board approved the suggestion that Carol will provide information on a spreadsheet as it is acquired.  The current procedures used to obtain speakers will remain with Carol West,  V. P.

b.  Suggestions for Increasing Membership—The UUFL presence at the Longview PRIDE festival was hailed a success for the purpose of Community Outreach.  The Board approved payment, from the Community Awareness fund, to Barbara Cavin for a canopy which can be used at other such events.  Sarah will check with Jerry regarding the tabulation of the survey provided to members/friends at today’s service regarding Increasing Attendance/Membership and convey this information to the Board.  Opportunities for increased exposure will continue to be explored.  No specific action was taken.  

d.  Establish a Financial Committee:  With regard to the largesse of John Phillips’ assets bequeathed to UUFL, Huey suggested the formation of a Financial Committee to make decisions regarding the management and oversight of these assets.  The motion was made that Jerry King, President; Tim Reardon, Treasurer; Huey Mitchell, Board Member At-Large, Marolen Mitchell, Member;  and Greg Marshall, Member, comprise this Committee.  The Board, with the exception of Jerry King (who had left the meeting), approved the formation of this Committee.

7.  Recap of Action Items

a.  Carol:  Work with Sarah and Greg to set up Spreadsheet for Program Planning.

b.  Jerry:  Work with Sarah on Survey Tabulations; report findings to Board

c.  Tim:   Obtain final quotes for  plaque creation and report to Board.

d.  Donna: Send Information Request Form to membership for revised Directory.

e.  Huey:  no action assigned

    f.  Madonna: Get estimates for plumbing repair; spray affected areas for bugs

g.  Sarah:  bring printer to UUFL; send Information Form to Donna for distribution

8.  Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.