July Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Special Board of Directors/Finance Committee Joint Meeting Minutes  

July 14, 2017

7:00 p.m.
Following the Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Huey Mitchell called this combined meeting to order.  All Board Members were present except Sarah Spiker.  Financial Committee members Marolen Mitchell and Greg Marshall were present.  Sandra McNeely was present as well.
1.  Marolen Mitchell discussed a number of the items on the Short Term Goals for the Fellowship that she and Tom had composed and had previously submitted to the Board.  Among those were suggestions that we

identify our UU Regional Rep for assistance in managing various aspects of Board responsibilities, including management of our inheritance from John Phillips.  Huey will determine who this Rep is.

focus on childcare room improvements  

follow UUA and Best Practices for RE program materials and operation
She also shared some Long Term Goals for consideration:

sell the existing building if/when the membership outgrows this facility

engage a part-time UU minister—Donna Reardon commented that she had intended to suggest this as well and added she would also like to see the “taped” services eliminated since they are easily accessible online.  
2.  Huey Mitchell recommended, for Short Term goals that we

get any/all electrical issues resolved

upgrade our sound system

improve our roadside signage

establish community outreach programs
Huey also suggested, for Long Term goals, that we

base any outside renovations on the TX-DOT time frame for widening Alpine

continue to find ways to sustain growth

consider building/remodeling facility for RE/childcare and adding a Fellowship Hall
3.  Greg Marshall read the minutes of the first Finance Committee Meeting which he had previously submitted to the Board.  He reported that the F.C. had met with a financial adviser who suggested we follow the Cash/Income/Growth model for investing money.  In the meantime, it was reiterated that $200,000 had been transferred into a BTH money market account.  Marolen will set up a Financial Committee meeting with an additional adviser.  Sandra McNeely agreed to attend all Financial Committee meetings as a non-voting member unless a voting member should be absent.  All agreed to this arrangement with Sandra.  
A motion was made to end the meeting and all voted Aye.