January Board Meeting Minutes

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UUFL Minutes January 8, 2017

1. Call to order.  Present are outgoing board members for 2016, Huey Mitchell and Ruth Semrau,  incoming board members for 2017, Jerry King, Tim Reardon, Madonna Huacuja, Carol West.  Observing is Sky Mitchell

2. N/A.

3. Consent agenda:  approved.

4. Standing Committees:

a) Building and Grounds – Madonna will check exterior lights at sign and elsewhere and report.

b) Open/Close schedule:  presented by Huey

c) Program scheduling:  Carol reports January and February programs are set.  

d) Lay leader list:  Ruth will send new list to board electronically.

e) Mail – many requests for funds.  No action.

5. Old business:

a) Interior clean-up is complete.

b) Notations of mortgage debt will be added to monthly financial report.

6. New business:

a) The board approved setting aside $500 per month for an emergency fund to be carried over from year to year.

b) New bank signatures were approved.  The names of Julie Hart and Marolen Mullinax Mitchell will be removed from the bank account.  The name of Tim Reardon will be added.  The name of Huey Mitchell will remain.  

c) Child care routines were presented by Sky Mitchell.  The new child care provider is Alex Perez, to be paid $30 for two hours duty, 10:45 to 12:45 on Sunday mornings.  

d) Transition duties:

Announcements – Donna Reardon B & G – Madonna Huacuja

Bull.Bd – Carol West Child care liaison – Sky Mitchell

Supplies – Tim Reardon DVD burner – Huey Mitchell

Contact Info – Jerry King Music – Sherry Kircus

Name tags – Sandra Riley NTUUC rep – Jerry Kircus

Open/close sched– Huey Mitchell Keys –Huey Mitchell,Tom Mitchell, Tim Reardon

OOS – Ruth Semrau, Madonna Huacuja PO keys – Huey Mitchell, Tim Reardon

Phone monitor – Madonna Huacuja Pick up mail – Tim Reardon

Unassigned keys – Huey Mitchell Web page/social media – Sarah Spiker

Wellness phone checks – board Lay leader sched – Ruth Semrau

7. Recap action:

Jerry King – speak to Alex Perez, make new contact list.

Huey/Tim –  bank signature cards

Ruth – email new lay leader list

Madonna – check exterior lights.

8. Adjourn.