August Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting

August 13, 2017
1.  Call to Order.  Board Members Jerry King, Carol West, Tim Reardon, Donna Reardon, Huey Mitchell and Madonna Huacuja  were Present.  Sarah Spiker was Absent.  Greg Marshall, Marolen Mitchell, Tom Mitchell, Grace Rose and Sandra McNeely were also Present.  Jerry King shared a personal position paper with the Board. The Board Covenant was recited by all Board Members.

2.   Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items: None.

3.  Acceptance of Consent Agenda

a.  Minutes of July 9 Board Meeting, as well as two Specially Called Meetings on July 14, were approved as previously submitted by Donna.

b.  Financial Report—The accounting Huey provided was accepted as previously presented.     

c.  Open and Closing Schedule—previously received from Huey and accepted.

d.  Lay Leader Schedule—previously received from Ruth and accepted.

e.  Updated Speaker Schedule—previously received and accepted.  Jerry will make a motion at the September meeting to limit any speaker to twice per year in 2018.

4.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Mail—Tim stated he had received filing of the release of lien on the church.  The document is currently in the safe at the Reardon’s house.  A copy will be made to house in the church files.  Handling of the mail was again discussed, with Tim reiterating that mail addressed to specific persons is given directly to those people for action.  Tim will respond to Helen Ausman to thank her for her continued monthly financial contribution.

b.  Building and Grounds—Madonna reported that she had not rented an ozone machine.  It was suggested that the a/c first needs to be treated with a fungicide and some tiles need replacement before such an effort would be effective.  Jerry reported that there seem to have been no further issues when the Quaker group meets in the R.E. Building if the a/c is turned on in the morning.  Madonna will henceforth provide a written report to the Board, regarding her activities, prior to the Board Meeting each month.

c.  Financial Committee Update– The Financial Committee met with Shane Sherwood, CFP,  of Ameriprise, on August 10 for his presentation regarding investment of church funds.  Gregg will provide those Minutes as soon as possible.  

d.  Growth Committee Update—Greg reported that the group continues to meet.  

e.  Wednesday Night Gathering—Greg reported that there continue to be 8 -12  attendees at these events.  Every other week will be a discussion on an agreed-upon topic.  The other two weeks will be Game Night to encourage fun and increased fellowship among the members.  Greg will begin to submit a written report to the Board about regarding activities and attendance.

f.  Movie Night Update—Jerry stated Movie Night will continue.  Jerry will also begin to submit a monthly written report to the Board prior the scheduled Meeting.  Greg indicated that he is putting Announcements for this and for the Wednesday Night Gatherings on all possible UUFL social media sites.  The movie for September 12 will be “An Inconvenient Truth.”

g.  UU’s Got Talent Update—Carol reported that it had not been the success hoped for, with the primary goal to involve the younger attendees, so there is no plan to repeat the effort at this time.

5.  Old Business  

a.  Status of Members and Friends Directory—no report.  Postponed to September.

b.  Report on NTUUC Board Meeting—no report.  Postponed to September.

c.  John Phillips’ Memorial Plaque:  Tim provided  a photocopy of the plaque as it will be constructed.  It should arrive in the coming week.  Carol will schedule a Dedication Ceremony once the plaque has been installed.

6.  New Business

a. Pending Events for UUFL visibility—nothing currently scheduled

b.  UUFL Infrastructure—Huey emphasized the urgency with which certain items

must be accomplished prior to the ACBM (Annual Congregational Business Meeting) to be conducted in November .  The 2018 Budget must be prepared and submitted to the Board for approval two weeks before the ACBM as well as a recommended slate of candidates for all Board positions.  The Governing Board positions and their descriptions need to be reviewed and updated if necessary as this was last done five years ago.  The By-Laws also need to be reviewed and updated as necessary.  The budget and slate of nominees must be sent to the voting members at least one week before the ACBM.  The Board approved the following:  1.  Budget Committee—Huey, Marolen, and Tim

2.  By-Laws Revision Committee—Huey, Tom, Madonna and Sandra Mc.  No Nominating Committee was formed.  The Board also approved that each board member shall share what his/her duties include in an email to the other Board Members.  

c.  Actionable Items from Growth Committee–

1.  Marquee Sign

2.  Request for internet service installation

3.  Funding to paint a glow-in-the-dark strip at driveway entrance

4.  Funding for T-posts and cord to be place Banner (have) outside by the road

The Board voted to place Growth Actions 1 – 3 on hold until other issues are completed.  The Board approved the purchase of T-posts and cord to install the Banner.
7.  Recap of Action Items

a.  Carol:  Schedule Dedication Ceremony for John Phillips’ Plaque after installation

b.  Jerry: Assist with Banner installation; submit report of Movie Night

c.  Tim:   Oversee installation of John Phillips’ Plaque; serve on Budget Committee; contact Helen Ausman; make copy of Released Lien for church files

d.  Donna: Serve on By-Laws Revision Committee

e.  Huey:  Serve on Budget Committee with Marolen, Tim and Madonna; serve on By-Laws Committee with Tom, Madonna, and Sandra

    f.  Madonna: Submit report of activities to Board prior to next meeting; assist with Banner installation; serve on By-Laws and Budget Committees

g.  Sarah:  Bring printer to UUFL; obtain printer ink

h.  Greg:  Submit report on Wednesday Night Gatherings; submit report on Financial Committee Meeting on August 15

i.  Sandra:  Serve on By-Laws Committee

8.  Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.