April Board Meeting Minutes

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Longview

Board of Directors’ Monthly Meeting

April 9, 2017
Call to Order.  All Board Members were Present with the exception of Sarah Spiker. Board Covenant was recited by all.
1.  Non-Board Members Addressing Board on non-Agenda Items:  Non-Board member Marolen Mitchell attended and brought legal documents, which Huey Mitchell accepted, to assist with the sale of John Phillips’ house.  She also discussed current arrangements for keeping the utilities on and paid until the house sells.

2.  Acceptance of Consent Agenda

a.  Minutes of 3/12/2017 Meeting approved as previously submitted.

b.  Financial Report provided by Treasurer. Tim will also provide copies of the bank statement(s) to Board members prior to Board Meetings.

3.  Standing Committee Reports

a.  Building and Grounds—Madonna will have the parking lot light repaired and install a camera to try to assess who is causing the damage.  At that time, a solution for protecting the light from vandalism will be determined.

b.  Opening and Closing Schedule—No action needed.

c.  Program Scheduling—Dean Waskowiak will speak on April 23. After discussion, the Board voted to declare this Justice Sunday in keeping with the UUSC request of individual congregations.  Donna will conduct Lay Leader duties and will incorporate Justice Sunday readings and songs into this program. The Board also voted to provide a UUFL contribution of $200 to World Vision as our participation in activism focusing on Supporting Communities Under Siege.

d.  Lay Leader Scheduling—Donna will contact Marolen about Lay leader for April 23

 e.  Financial—  Tim Reardon stated he had not received any payment from Susan Hughes for the Quaker rental of the RE Building.  Jerry King will follow up.  

4.  Old Business

a.  Projector—Jerry King has purchased and will set up a Movie Night schedule as well as a system for checking out DVDs.   The Movie Nights will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month at UUFL.

b.  Internal Audit—Tim will set up a date agreeable to Huey Mitchell and Jerry King.  They will meet at UUFL..  

c. CD Account:   Tim is waiting for Tom Mitchell to contact BTH, about the UUFL CD, and get Tim’s name on the account.

d.  Carpet problems:  Carol reported that the installers had checked the carpet and said nothing is wrong.  Carol will check with them about installing transom strips.

e.  Sam’s Tax-Free Cards—Huey provided forms.  Tim will apply for tax-free status on his account.

f.  Building Clean-up:  Huey suggested hiring a garbage pick-up service.  All agreed.   Huey will inquire about possibilities for this service.  

g.  Order of Service production:  Madonna will replace Ruth beginning in May and will meet with Ruth this week.

h.  NTUUC—Sarah Spiker will replace Jerry Kircus as UUFL’s representative.

i. Backpack Program and March for Babies:  Jerry will bring a big jar for display to encourage contributions.  Donna will send any contributions to MfB to John Sims after April 23.

j.  ByLaws:  The issue regarding attendance at Board Meetings was reviewed.  The Board agreed that exceptions could be made on an individual basis.

k.  Pianist:  Kylie Murry will continue as pianist on a voluntary basis.

6.  New Business

a.  John Phillips’ Will:  Huey is waiting for a transfer of IRA funds.  John’s house is currently insured by Allstate.  The policy will be cancelled upon sale of the house.  Tim will meet an appraiser on Wednesday at John’s house on Buckner.  

b.   Termite treatment in main building:  The Board voted to wait until there is evidence of a problem.

c.  Greeters:  The Board agreed to keep this on a spontaneous, as-needed, basis.   d.  Smoking:  The Board agreed that No Smoking will be allowed at the entry to the building.  The smokers’ ashtray has been moved to the flower bed area by the parking lots. No Non-Smoking signs will be posted.

e.  Increasing Membership (Item added to Agenda spontaneously):   Ideas for accomplishing this were discussed.  Jerry will begin the effort by distributing flyers on local college campuses advertising the speaker on April 23 for Justice Sunday.  The Board will meet sometime the week of April 16 to consider other ideas.

7.  Recap of Action Items:

a.  Jerry:  will inquire about Quaker rental payment; will send text to Donna re: Movie Night for inclusion in Announcements; will bring large jar to advertise Back Pack contributions; will distribute flyers to promote April 23 speaker

b.  Carol: contract carpet installers regarding transom strips  

c.  Tim:  check with Tom re: CD; write check to World Vision on April 23; set up meeting with Huey and Jerry for Internal Audit; meet appraiser at John’s house; provide bank statements to Board prior to next Meeting

d.  Donna:  coordinate Lay Leader song suggestions for April 23 service with Kylie and Sherry; trade Lay Leader dates with Marolen Mitchell for this date

e.  Huey:  check into getting a garbage pick-up service for UUFL; meet with Tim and Jerry for Internal Audit sometime in April; meet with Board re:   increasing membership week of April 16; continue efforts re:  John’s will

    f.  Madonna:  meet with Ruth in preparation to take over OofS; get light repaired and install camera;

8.  Motion to Adjourn—All voted AYE.