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Fellowship of Longview

10:30 AM – Coffee, Snacks and Fellowship

11:00 AM – Service

(Discussion follows the Service)

*** Childcare for children 10 years and younger:  10:45 – 12:45 ***

Children are also welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their parents.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Alternative Facts in Religion

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar

(a recorded program)


It’s Pot Luck Sunday!

Bring something to share

and join us for a delicious combination of

food, conversation, and getting-to-know-you better.


Second Tuesday of the Month Film Series

On Tuesday, July 11th we will have our second Second-Tuesday-of-the-Month film.  Jerry King will be hosting the presentation of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.  The movie will begin at 7:00 and there will be a discussion afterwards so you can ask questions and give your opinions.

Please contact Jerry King ( for more information or with suggestions.


We’re looking for volunteers!  Are you looking for a way to be more involved in the Fellowship? Opportunities abound!  For example:

*decorate the altar table for Sunday service

*work with an Advertising Committee to get the word out to the greater Longview community about our Fellowship, what we stand for, and what we do

*help with gardening projects around the building

Contact Carol West ( or 903-236-3436)

for more information and to volunteer.


Barbara Cavin

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up an extra can of tuna or jar of peanut butter or bag of rice or can of chili and bring it with you and put it in the food basket in the lobby and I will take it to Longview Community Ministries to help feed the poor and hungry of our community.



Have an idea for a Sunday service? Willing to present one yourself? Contact Carol West by email(, or write your idea(s) in the binder that is on top of the bookshelves in the lobby.


Ja’na is having a Full Moon drumming session at her home on July 8th.  Everyone is invited!

Contact Ja’na for all the details.  or 214-718-7044


Religious Society of Friends

The Quakers meet in the building at the back of our parking lot on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 2 p.m. All are welcome to attend.