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*** Childcare for children 10 years and younger: 10:45 – 12:45 ***
Sunday, June 4, 2017
The Tragedy and Hope of Universalism”
Speaker: Samuel Schaal
At the 1961 consolidation of the Unitarians with the Universalists, the educated and privileged Unitarian culture was dominant and remains so today. We have lost some core ideas of Universalism and so have experienced diminished inward spiritual depth (despite our education) and inability to evangelize significant numbers of people (despite countless growth campaigns, branding, messaging and reorganizing).
*Longview’s PRIDE Festival will be Saturday, June 10, beginning at 3 p.m., at Heritage Plaza. Tina Rushing and Barbara Cavin have secured a location for UUFL at the Festival where information about our Fellowship will be available to attendees. Water bottles, labeled with our location, etc., will be distributed. If you would be willing to help Tina and Barbara with assistance at the Festival, there is a Sign-up sheet in the Lobby. Please volunteer to help make this project a success.
(a) Jerry King will be hosting the Second Tuesday of the Month Film Series. The first of this series will be June 13. The film will be “Why We Fight.” a
(b) A wide-range of DVDs that are available to borrow are on the bookshelf in the Lobby. Please check the DVD out (a notebook for this purpose is provided) and return it when you are finished. There is no time limit. In addition, please provide a small donation which will be collected and donated to a charity.
*UUFL Directory
Sarah Spiker has generously offered to begin working on a new Directory of our Members and Friends. Such a project will take some time so we ask for your patience. We also ask for your cooperation with Sarah when she contacts you.
*Back Pack Program
On Friday, May 26, we presented a check in the amount of $400 to J. L. Everhart Elementary to assist with their participation in the BackPack Program. Dee Ayn Cromer, the School Secretary, graciously accepted the check and was extremely appreciative that we had considered the school as the recipient of our gift. Thanks to all who contributed. We are suspending the collection of funds for this effort for now.
Contact Carol West by email, or write your idea(s) in the binder provided in the lobby.
*Barbara Cavin
Bring any non-perishables to put in the food basket in the lobby. Our collection will periodically be taken to Longview Community Ministries to help feed the poor and hungry of our community.
*Religious Society of Friends
The Quakers meet in the building at the back of our parking lot on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 2 p.m. All are welcome to attend. Contact Susan Hughes: