February 2017 Board Minutes

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Monthly Meeting, February 12, 2017


Call to Order/Board Covenant

The meeting was called to order and the Board Covenant was recited.


Present were  Board Members Jerry King, Carol West, Madonna Huacuja, Sarah Spiker, Huey Mitchell, and non-Board member Sky Mitchell.  Absent were Tim Reardon, Treasurer and Donna Reardon, Secretary.


Acceptance of Consent Agenda

  • There were no Minutes from the January 8 Meeting and no Financial Report so no action was taken.
  • Huey Mitchell was confirmed as a Board Member-at-Large.


Standing Committee Reports

  • Carol West updated us on the progress of upcoming programs and booking speakers.
  • Huey Mitchell provided an updated Opening and Closing document.
  • Current mail was reviewed and there was nothing of importance.


Old Business

  • Alex Perez was approved as the new Childcare employee. The payment of $30 per week was also approved.
  • The Annual Report was submitted, as required, to the UU Central Body.
  • UUFL will no longer recycle glass. Madonna will post a sign on the back porch as a reminder to all.


New Business

  • Jerry King stated his two-fold goal as President: to increase membership and to increase member involvement and participation
  • Jerry suggested establishing a DVD library (new or used products) to be loaned out for a donation to the congregation.
  • Jerry further discussed the idea of showing a film every month and offered to buy a projector for $475.00 (excluding sales tax) in the Fellowship’s name.  Discussion followed and there were no objections.
  • Carol West inquired about renting the children’s building or the main auditorium to the Democratic Women of East Texas and was advised of the rates. Discussion followed about increased usage of the building and making people aware of the possibility.


Motion to Adjourn

            Following a recap of action items, the meeting was adjourned.